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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A 1 MW national solar thermal research cum demonstration facility at Gwalpahari, Haryana, IndiaNAYAK, JK; KEDARE, SB; BANERJEE, R; BANDYOPADHYAY, S; DESAI, NB; PAUL, S; KAPILA, A
2016Advances in Sub-Micron Particle Based Aerosol Strategies for Efficient Systemic Delivery of Therapeutic AgentsJOSHI, N; KAUR, S; BANERJEE, R
2003Alkaline fuel cell: carbon nanobeads coated with metal catalyst over porous ceramic for hydrogen electrodeCHATTERJEE, AK; SHARON, M; BANERJEE, R
2012An analysis of costs of parabolic trough technology in IndiaKRISHNAMURTHY, P; MISHRA, S; BANERJEE, R
2000Analysis of dynamic surface properties of therapeutic surfactants and lung phospholipidsBANERJEE, R; PUNIYANI, RR; BELLARE, JR
2012Analysis of heat losses from a trapezoidal cavity used for Linear Fresnel Reflector systemSAHOO, SS; SINGH, S; BANERJEE, R
2009Analysis of impacts of wind integration in the Tamil Nadu gridGEORGE, M; BANERJEE, R
2014Apoptotic cascade inspired lipid nanovesicles show synergism with encapsulated paclitaxel in chemoresistant colon carcinomaJOSHI, N; SHANMUGAM, T; DESHMUKH, A; BANERJEE, R
2017An approach for building design optimization using design of experimentsDHARIWAL, J; BANERJEE, R
2003Artificial vitreous replacementsSOMAN, N; BANERJEE, R
2000Association of hemorheological parameters and risk of stroke in hypertensives of Indian originBANERJEE, R; NAGESWARI, K; PUNIYANI, RR
2014Benchmarking energy consumption for dump trucks in minesSAHOO, LK; BANDYOPADHYAY, S; BANERJEE, R
2017Biocompatibility and therapeutic evaluation of magnetic liposomes designed for self-controlled cancer hyperthermia and chemotherapyGOGOI, M; JAISWAL, MK; SARMA, HD; BAHADUR, D; BANERJEE, R
2014Biocompatibility, biodistribution and efficacy of magnetic nanohydrogels in inhibiting growth of tumors in experimental mice modelsJAISWAL, MK; GOGOI, M; SARMA, HD; BANERJEE, R; BAHADUR, D
2010Biocompatible calcium phosphate based tubesCHANDANSHIVE, B; DYONDI, D; AJGAONKAR, VR; BANERJEE, R; KHUSHALANI, D
2010Biodegradable hybrid polymeric membranes for ocular drug deliveryJAIN, D; CARVALHO, E; BANERJEE, R
2001Biomass pyrolysis for power generation - a potential technologyGANESH, A; BANERJEE, R
1999Biomass pyrolysis for power generation - a potential technologyGANESH, A; BANERJEE, R
2014Biphasic magnetic nanoparticles-nanovesicle hybrids for chemotherapy and self-controlled hyperthermiaGOGOI, M; SARMA, HD; BAHADUR, D; BANERJEE, R
2013Borate aided Schiff's base formation yields in situ gelling hydrogels for cartilage regenerationBALAKRISHNAN, B; JOSHI, N; BANERJEE, R