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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Aggregation of dextran coated magnetic nanoparticles in aqueous medium: Experiments and Monte Carlo simulationRAVIKUMAR, C; KUMAR, S; BANDYOPADHYAYA, R
2015Biocompatible citric acid-coated iron oxide nanoparticles to enhance the activity of first-line anti-TB drugs in Mycobacterium smegmatisPADWAL, P; BANDYOPADHYAYA, R; MEHRA, S
2017Biofouling prevention using silver nanoparticle impregnated polyethersulfone (PES) membrane: E. coli cell-killing in a continuous cross-flow membrane moduleBISWAS, P; BANDYOPADHYAYA, R
2008COLL 415-Modeling core-shell nanoparticle formation by the cation displacement pathwayETHAYARAJA, M; BANDYOPADHYAYA, R
2016Diffusion, adsorption and reaction of glucose in glucose oxidase enzyme immobilized mesoporous silica (SBA-15) particles: Experiments and modelingMAJUMDAR, P; KHAN, AY; BANDYOPADHYAYA, R
2011Enrichment of benzene from benzene-water mixture by adsorption in silylated mesoporous silicaPATEL, DB; SINGH, S; BANDYOPADHYAYA, R
2010Fluorescent manganese-doped zinc sulphide nanoparticles for spectral shiftingSEN, S; SHARMA, P; SOLANKI, CS; BANDYOPADHYAYA, R
2012A Generalized Three-Stage Mechanism of ZnO Nanoparticle Formation in Homogeneous Liquid MediumLAYEK, A; MISHRA, G; SHARMA, A; SPASOVA, M; DHAR, S; CHOWDHURY, A; BANDYOPADHYAYA, R
2014Glucose oxidase enzyme immobilized porous silica for improved performance of a glucose biosensorKHAN, AY; NORONHA, SB; BANDYOPADHYAYA, R
2012Highly accessible SnO2 nanoparticle embedded SBA-15 mesoporous silica as a superior photocatalystSRINIVASAN, NR; BANDYOPADHYAYA, R
2015Impact of structural features of SBA-15 host particles on activity of immobilized glucose oxidase enzyme and sensitivity of a glucose sensorKHAN, AY; NORONHA, SB; BANDYOPADHYAYA, R
2017Impact of the Distributions of Core Size and Grafting Density on the Self-Assembly of Polymer Grafted NanoparticlesBACHHAR, N; JIAO, Y; ASAI, M; AKCORA, P; BANDYOPADHYAYA, R; KUMAR, SK
2014Improved electrochemical performance of SnO2-mesoporous carbon hybrid as a negative electrode for lithium ion battery applicationsSRINIVASAN, NR; MITRA, S; BANDYOPADHYAYA, R
2007Mechanism and modeling of nanorod formation from nanodotsETHAYARAJA, M; BANDYOPADHYAYA, R
2011Mechanistic Study on Magnetite Nanoparticle Formation by Thermal Decomposition and Coprecipitation RoutesRAVIKUMAR, C; BANDYOPADHYAYA, R
2011Mechanistic Study on Magnetite Nanoparticle Formation by Thermal Decomposition and Coprecipitation RoutesRAVIKUMAR, C; BANDYOPADHYAYA, R
2008Model for core-shell nanoparticle formation by ion-exchange mechanismETHAYARAJA, M; BANDYOPADHYAYA, R
2017Modeling and experiments on release of metofluthrin from a thin cellulosic-polymer filmBAL, V; GAYASEN, V; BIBALS, R; AVHAD, AP; CHAKRABARTY, D; BANDYOPADHYAYA, R
2017Nanoparticle assembly: a perspective and some unanswered questionsKUMAR, SK; KUMARASWAMY, G; PRASAD, BLV; BANDYOPADHYAYA, R; GRANICK, S; GANG, O; MANOHARAN, VN; FRENKEL, D; KOTOV, NA
2015Photocatalysis by morphologically tailored mesoporous silica (SBA-15) embedded with SnO2 nanoparticles: Experiments and modelSRINIVASAN, NR; MAJUMDAR, P; ESWAR, NKR; BANDYOPADHYAYA, R