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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A 2D-Planar Dielectrophoretic Model with Electro-Thermally Induced Fluid Motion and the Stability of Trapping ZonesSIMHA, H; BANAVAR, RN
2000Active noise cancellation using H∞ control techniquesBELUR, MN; BANAVAR, RN; MAHINDRAKAR, AD
2014Almost global attitude stabilization of a rigid body for both internal and external actuation schemesBAYADI, R; BANAVAR, RN
1998Application of fault detection and identification (FDI) techniques in power regulating systems of nuclear reactorsROY, K; BANAVAR, RN; THANGASAMY, S
2010Application of interconnection and damping assignment to the stabilization of a synchronous generator with a controllable series capacitorMANJAREKAR, NS; BANAVAR, RN; ORTEGA, R
2014Attitude synchronization of satellites with internal actuationSAHOO, SR; BANAVAR, RN
2013Characterizing the reachable set for a spacecraft with two rotorsBAYADI, R; BANAVAR, RN; CHANG, DE
1996The Chylla-Haase problem : a neural network controllerBHAT, A; BANAVAR, RN
2005Controllability and point-to-point control of 3-DOF planar horizontal underactuated manipulatorsMAHINDRAKAR, AD; BANAVAR, RN; REYHANOGLUZ, M
2002Controllability properties of a planar 3R underactuated manipulatorMAHINDRAKAR, AD; BANAVAR, RN
2010Design and analysis of a spherical mobile robotJOSHI, VA; BANAVAR, RN; HIPPALGAONKAR, R
2013Design and development of telescope control system and software for the 50/80 cm Schmidt telescopeKUMAR, TS; BANAVAR, RN
2001Discontinuous feedback control of A 3 link planar PPR underactuated manipulatorMAHINDRAKAR, AD; BANAVAR, RN; REYHANOGLU, M
2004Disseminating dynamic data with QoS guarantee in a wide area network : a practical control theoretic approachMAJUMDAR, RK; RAMAMRITHAM, K; BANAVAR, RN; MOUDGALYA, K
2004Dynamic tracking and friction compensation in a 3R underactuated manipulatorMAHULKAR, V; GANDHI, PS; BANAVAR, RN
2003Energy-based swing-up of the acrobot and time-optimal motionBANAVAR, RN; MAHINDRAKAR, AD
2012Energy-optimal control of a particle in a dielectrophoretic systemSIMHA, H; BARVE, HA; BANAVAR, RN
2002Extremum seeking loops with assumed functions : estimation and controlBANAVAR, RN
2003Extremum seeking loops with quadratic functions: estimation and controlBANAVAR, RN
1999A gain scheduled robust controller for a sliding flexible link manipulatorBANAVAR, RN; DOMINIC, P