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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Adsorption, photodegradation and antibacterial study of graphene-Fe3O4 nanocomposite for multipurpose water purification applicationSANTHOSH, C; KOLLU, P; DOSHI, S; SHARMA, M; BAHADUR, D; VANCHINATHAN, MT; SARAVANAN, P; KIM, BS; GRACE, AN
2016Albumin stabilized gold nanostars: a biocompatible nanoplatform for SERS, CT imaging and photothermal therapy of cancerSASIDHARAN, S; BAHADUR, D; SRIVASTAVA, R
2014Anomalous magnetic behavior in nanocomposite materials of reduced graphene oxide-Ni/NiFe2O4KOLLU, P; PRATHAPANI, S; VARAPRASADARAO, EK; SANTOSH, C; MALLICK, S; GRACE, AN; BAHADUR, D
2006Application of magnetite hexacyanoferrate composites in magnetically assisted chemical separation of cesiumAMBASHTA, RD; DESHINGKAR, DS; WATTAL, PK; BAHADUR, D
2010Aqueous Synthesis of Mn- and Co-Doped ZnO NanorodsPANIGRAHY, B; ASLAM, M; BAHADUR, D
2006Assembly of Fe3O4 nanoparficles on SiO2 monodisperse spheresBARICK, KC; BAHADUR, D
2016Assessing Therapeutic Potential of Magnetic Mesoporous Nanoassemblies for Chemo-Resistant TumorsPRADHAN, L; THAKUR, B; SRIVASTAVA, R; RAY, P; BAHADUR, D
2017Biocompatibility and therapeutic evaluation of magnetic liposomes designed for self-controlled cancer hyperthermia and chemotherapyGOGOI, M; JAISWAL, MK; SARMA, HD; BAHADUR, D; BANERJEE, R
2014Biocompatibility, biodistribution and efficacy of magnetic nanohydrogels in inhibiting growth of tumors in experimental mice modelsJAISWAL, MK; GOGOI, M; SARMA, HD; BANERJEE, R; BAHADUR, D
2005Biocompatible suspension of nanosized gamma-Fe2O3 synthesized by novel methodsPRASAD, NK; PANDA, D; SINGH, S; MUKADAM, MD; YUSUF, SM; BAHADUR, D
2003Biomaterials and magnetismBAHADUR, D; GIRI, J
2014Biphasic magnetic nanoparticles-nanovesicle hybrids for chemotherapy and self-controlled hyperthermiaGOGOI, M; SARMA, HD; BAHADUR, D; BANERJEE, R
2014Carboxyl decorated Fe3O4 nanoparticles for MRI diagnosis and localized hyperthermiaBARICK, KC; SINGH, S; BAHADUR, D; LAWANDE, MA; PATKAR, DP; HASSAN, PA
2015Catalytic and antibacterial activity of Ag decorated magnetic core shell nanosphereSINGH, S; BAHADUR, D
2016Cation/Anion Substitution in Cu2ZnSnS4 for Improved Photovoltaic PerformanceANANTHOJU, B; MOHAPATRA, J; JANGID, MK; BAHADUR, D; MEDHEKAR, NV; ASLAM, M
2014Ce3+ sensitized GdPO4:Tb3+ with iron oxide nanoparticles: a potential biphasic system for cancer theranosticsSAHU, NK; SINGH, NS; PRADHAN, L; BAHADUR, D
2014Ce3+ sensitized GdPO4:Tb3+ with iron oxide nanoparticles: a potential biphasic system for cancer theranosticsSAHU, NK; SINGH, NS; PRADHAN, L; BAHADUR, D
2014Ce3+-Sensitized GdPO4:Tb3+ Nanorods: An Investigation on Energy Transfer, Luminescence Switching, and Quantum YieldSAHU, NK; SINGH, NS; NINGTHOUJAM, RS; BAHADUR, D
1998Cell culture approach to biocompatibility evaluation of unconventionally prepared hydroxyapatiteKUNDU, PK; WAGHODE, TS; BAHADUR, D; DATTA, D
2015Cellular internalization and detailed toxicity analysis of protein-immobilized iron oxide nanoparticlesSANGANERIA, P; SACHAR, S; CHANDRA, S; BAHADUR, D; RAY, P; KHANNA, A