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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Assessment of turbidity of seawater using remote sensing dataBEHERA, BK; TRIPATHY, GK; INAMDAR, AB; ASOLEKAR, SR
2013Assessment of wastewater treatment technologies: life cycle approachKALBAR, PP; KARMAKAR, S; ASOLEKAR, SR
2000Bed voidage correlation in fluidized bed biofilm reactorABDUL-AZIZ, MA; ASOLEKAR, SR
1999Biosorptive removal and recovery of cobalt from aqueous systemsSUHASINI, IP; SRIRAM, G; ASOLEKAR, SR; SURESHKUMAR, GK
2005Characteristics of sludge developed under different loading conditions during UASB reactor start-up and granulationGHANGREKAR, MM; ASOLEKAR, SR; JOSHI, SG
2015Development and validation of three-step risk assessment method for ship recycling sectorGARMER, K; SJOSTROM, H; HIREMATH, AM; TILWANKAR, AK; KINIGALAKIS, G; ASOLEKAR, SR
2016Development of ship-specific recycling plan to improve health safety and environment in ship recycling yardsHIREMATH, AM; PANDEY, SK; ASOLEKAR, SR
2012Effect of carbon sources on the removal of 1,1,2-Trichloroethane and 1,1,2,2-Tetrachloroethane in UASB reactorBASU, D; ASOLEKAR, SR
2012Evaluation of substrate removal kinetics for UASB reactors treating chlorinated ethanesBASU, D; ASOLEKAR, SR
1996Experience with UASB reactor start-up under different operating conditionsGHANGREKAR, MM; ASOLEKAR, SR; RANGANATHAN, KR; JOSHI, SG
2013The influence of expert opinions on the selection of wastewater treatment alternatives: A group decision-making approachKALBAR, PP; KARMAKAR, S; ASOLEKAR, SR
2016Life cycle-based decision support tool for selection of wastewater treatment alternativesKALBAR, PP; KARMAKAR, S; ASOLEKAR, SR
2000Modeling of biological particle mixing in a fluidized-bed biofilm reactorABDUL-AZIZ, MA; ASOLEKAR, SR
1999Nickel biosorption from aqueous systems: Studies on single and multimetal equilibria, kinetics, and recoverySUHASINI, IP; SRIRAM, G; ASOLEKAR, SR; SURESHKUMAR, GK
2012A novel approach to estimating potential maximum heavy metal exposure to ship recycling yard workers in Alang, IndiaDESHPANDE, PC; TILWANKAR, AK; ASOLEKAR, SR
2013A novel approach to estimating resource consumption rates and emission factors for ship recycling yards in Alang, IndiaDESHPANDE, PC; KALBAR, PP; TILWANKAR, AK; ASOLEKAR, SR
2012Performance of UASB reactor in the biotreatment of 1,1,2-TrichloroethaneBASU, D; ASOLEKAR, SR
2015Post-treatment and reuse of secondary effluents using natural Itreatment systems: the Indian practicesKUMAR, D; ASOLEKAR, SR; SHARMA, SK
2013Potential of natural treatment technologies for wastewater management in IndiaSTARKL, M; AMERASINGHE, P; ESSL, L; JAMPANI, M; KUMAR, D; ASOLEKAR, SR
2010Recycling hazardous jarosite waste using coal combustion residuesASOKAN, P; SAXENA, M; ASOLEKAR, SR