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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Bioactives from fruit processing wastes: Green approaches to valuable chemicalsBANERJEE, J; SINGH, R; VIJAYARAGHAVAN, R; MACFARLANE, D; PATTI, AF; ARORA, A
2015Black Shale in Late Jurassic Jhuran Formation of Kutch: Possible Indicator of Oceanic Anoxic Event?ARORA, A; BANERJEE, S; DUTTA, S
2017The distinctive compositional evolution of glauconite in the Cretaceous Ukra Hill Member (Kutch basin, India) and its implicationsBANSAL, U; BANERJEE, S; PANDE, K; ARORA, A; MEENA, SS
2017The effects of igneous dike intrusion on organic geochemistry of black shale and its implications: Late Jurassic Jhuran Formation, IndiaARORA, A; DUTTA, S; GOGOI, B; BANERJEE, S
2010Fiber optic based system for polarization sensitive spectroscopy of semiconductor quantum structuresARORA, A; KARMAKAR, B; SHARMA, S; SCHARDT, M; MALZER, S; BANSAL, B; DOHLER, G; ARORA, BM
2017Hydrothermal and microwave assisted alkali pretreatment for fractionation of arecanut huskSINGH, RD; BHUYAN, K; BANERJEE, J; MUIR, J; ARORA, A
2007Influence of electric field on the hydrogen bond network of methanolSURESH, SJ; PRABHU, AL; ARORA, A
2016Lemon Juice Based Extraction of Pectin from Mango Peels: Waste to Wealth by Sustainable ApproachesBANERJEE, J; VIJAYARAGHAVAN, R; ARORA, A; MACFARLANE, DR; PATTI, AF
2012Load bearing capacity of tool pin during friction stir weldingARORA, A; MEHTA, M; DE, A; DEBROY, T
2013Magneto-optical Kerr effect spectroscopy based study of Lande g-factor for holes in GaAs/AlGaAs single quantum wells under low magnetic fieldsARORA, A; MANDAL, A; CHAKRABARTI, S; GHOSH, S
2012Neural network models of peak temperature, torque, traverse force, bending stress and maximum shear stress during friction stir weldingMANVATKAR, VD; ARORA, A; DE, A; DEBROY, T
2017Post-harvest processing technology for cashew apple - A reviewDAS, I; ARORA, A
2009Strains and strain rates during friction stir weldingARORA, A; ZHANG, Z; DE, A; DEBROY, T
2012Tool durability maps for friction stir welding of an aluminium alloyDEBROY, T; DE, A; BHADESHIA, HKDH; MANVATKAR, VD; ARORA, A
2011Tool Geometry for Friction Stir Welding-Optimum Shoulder DiameterMEHTA, M; ARORA, A; DE, A; DEBROY, T
2011Toward optimum friction stir welding tool shoulder diameterARORA, A; DE, A; DEBROY, T
2011Toward optimum friction stir welding tool shoulder diameterARORA, A; DE, A; DEBROY, T