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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Active gate control of series connected IGBTs using positive current feedback techniqueKRISHNA, DVMM; AGARWAL, V
2017Adaptive Velocity PSO for Global Maximum Power Control of a PV Array Under Nonuniform Irradiation ConditionsPRAGALLAPATI, N; SEN, T; AGARWAL, V
2007Aldol condensation of acetone with reactive distillation using water as a selectivity enhancerTHOTLA, S; AGARWAL, V; MAHAJANI, SM
2009Alternative emergency communication channel through television cableCHANDRAMOULI, C; AGARWAL, V
2011Analysis and comparative study of pulsating current of fuel cells by inverter load with different power converter topologiesSOMAIAH, B; AGARWAL, V; CHOUDHURY, SR; DUTTAGUPTA, SP; GOVINDAN, K
2008Application of Interval computation technique to Fixed speed wind energy conversion systemTHAKUR, RK; AGARWAL, V
2009Armature and field controlled DC motor based wind turbine emulation for wind energy conversion systems operating over a wide range of wind velocityPATEL, R; PATKI, CV; AGARWAL, V
2009Characterization and modeling of flexible photovoltaic modules for portable power applicationsSHARMA, P; DUTTAGUPTA, SP; AGARWAL, V
2016Compact Onboard Single-Phase EV Battery Charger With Novel Low-Frequency Ripple Compensator and Optimum Filter DesignPATIL, D; AGARWAL, V
2006Comparison of mode switched controllers for a Pseudo continuous current mode boost converterSREEKUMAR, C; AGARWAL, V
2007Comparison of the performance of maximum power point tracking schemes applied to single-stage grid-connected photovoltaic systemsJAIN, S; AGARWAL, V
2008Control of a stand-alone inverter-based distributed generation source for voltage regulation and harmonic compensationPATEL, H; AGARWAL, V
2016Controller Area Network Assisted Grid Synchronization of a Microgrid With Renewable Energy Sources and StorageTHALE, SS; AGARWAL, V
2009A Cost-Effective Ultrasonic Sensor-Based Driver-Assistance System for Congested Traffic ConditionsAGARWAL, V; MURALI, NV; CHANDRAMOULI, C
2014Current Equalization in Photovoltaic Strings With Module Integrated Ground-Isolated Switched Capacitor DC-DC ConvertersPETER, PK; AGARWAL, V
2016Design and Analysis of a High-Efficiency DC-DC Converter With Soft Switching Capability for Renewable Energy Applications Requiring High Voltage GainDAS, M; AGARWAL, V
2009Design and development of a low-cost digital magnetic field meter with wide dynamic range for EMC precompliance measurements and other applicationsSATAV, SA; AGARWAL, V
2016Distributed Maximum Power Extraction From Fuel Cell Stack Arrays Using Dedicated Power Converters in Series and Parallel ConfigurationSOMAIAH, B; AGARWAL, V
2015Distributed PV Power Extraction Based on a Modified Interleaved SEPIC for Nonuniform Irradiation ConditionsPRAGALLAPATI, N; AGARWAL, V
2015Dual Photoionization Source-Based Differential Mobility Sensor for Trace Gas Detection in Human BreathMANCHUKUTTY, S; VASA, NJ; AGARWAL, V; CHANDAPILLAI, J