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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Anomalous magnetocaloric effect and magnetoresistance in Ho(Ni,Fe)(2) compoundsSINGH, NK; AGARWAL, S; SURESH, KG; NIRMALA, R; NIGAM, AK; MALIK, SK
2017Comparative performance assessments of surface junction probes for stagnation heat flux estimation in a hypersonic shock tunnelAGARWAL, S; SAHOO, N; IRIMPAN, KJ; MENEZES, V; DESAI, S
1998Determination of aircraft orientation for a vision-based system using artificial neural networksAGARWAL, S; CHAUDHURI, S
2015Device engineering of perovskite solar cells to achieve near ideal efficiencyAGARWAL, S; NAIR, PR
2011The Effect of N-methylation on Photophysical Properties of 3-AminoquinolineAGARWAL, S
2017Efficient Organic Photovoltaics with Improved Charge Extraction and High Short-Circuit CurrentMOHAN, M; NANDAL, V; PARAMADAM, S; REDDY, KP; RAMKUMAR, S; AGARWAL, S; GOPINATH, CS; NAIR, PR; NAMBOOTHIRY, MAG
2014Metal-Gate Granularity-Induced Threshold Voltage Variability and Mismatch in Si Gate-All-Around Nanowire n-MOSFETsNAYAK, K; AGARWAL, S; BAJAJ, M; OLDIGES, PJ; MURALI, KVRM; RAO, VR
2010Modulation of fluorescence properties of MMeAQ in micelles and cyclodextrinsBURAI, TN; BAG, N; AGARWAL, S; IYER, ESS; DATTA, A
2014Nitrogen-Terminated Semiconducting Zigzag GNR FET With Negative Differential ResistanceKUMAR, A; KUMAR, V; AGARWAL, S; BASAK, A; JAIN, N; BULUSU, A; MANHAS, SK
2017Pinhole induced efficiency variation in perovskite solar cellsAGARWAL, S; NAIR, PR
2015Random Dopant Fluctuation Induced Variability in Undoped Channel Si Gate All Around Nanowire n-MOSFETNAYAK, K; AGARWAL, S; BAJAJ, M; MURALI, KVRM; RAO, VR
2017Stable p-i-n FAPbBr(3) Devices with Improved Efficiency Using Sputtered ZnO as Electron Transport LayerSUBBIAH, AS; AGARWAL, S; MAHULI, N; NAIR, P; VAN HEST, M; SARKAR, SK
2017Towards All-Inorganic Transport Layers for Wide-Band Gap Formamidinium Lead Bromide-Based Planar PhotovoltaicsSUBBIAH, AS; MAHULI, N; AGARWAL, S; VAN HEST, MFAM; SARKAR, SK