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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007meso-5-bromo-10,15,20-tiri(p-tolyl)-21-thiaporphyrin as a precursor for the synthesis of novel compoundsPUNIDHA, S; AGARWAL, N; GUPTA, I; RAVIKANTH, M
2004Novel and rapid synthetic routes to A(3)B- and AB(3)-Type 21-thiaporphyrins and their use in the construction of unsymmetrical covalent and non-covalent porphyrin arraysGUPTA, I; AGARWAL, N; RAVIKANTH, M
2005A simple route to prepare monofunctionalised 21-thia-, 21,23-dithia-, and 21-thia-23-oxaporphyrins from unsymmetrical thiophene diols and their use in the synthesis of covalently linked unsymmetrical porphyrin dimersPUNIDHA, S; AGARWAL, N; RAVIKANTH, M
2002Synthesis and crystal structure of 2,3,12,13-tetraalkoxy-21, 23-dithiaporphyrinsAGARWAL, N; MISHRA, SP; KUMAR, A; HUNG, CH; RAVIKANTH, M
2004The synthesis and crystal structure of beta-substituted thiaporphyrins with novel cyclic substituentsAGARWAL, N; MISHRA, SP; HUNG, CH; KUMAR, A; RAVIKANTH, M
2004Synthesis of beta-pyrrole and beta-thiophene substituted 21,23-dithia and 21-monothiaporphyrinsAGARWAL, N; RAVIKANTH, M
2003Synthesis of beta-thiophene-substituted 21,23-dithiaporphyrinsAGARWAL, N; MISHRA, SP; KUMAR, A; RAVIKANTH, M
2001Synthesis of dithiaporphyrin-based singlet-singlet energy transfer systemsKUMARESAN, D; AGARWAL, N; RAVIKANTH, M
2000Synthesis of energy donors appended dithiaporphyrin systemsRAVIKANTH, M; AGARWAL, N; KUMARESAN, D
2004Synthesis of N3S, N3O, N2S2, N2O2, N2SO and N2OS porphyrins with one meso-unsubstituted carbonPUNIDHA, S; AGARWAL, N; BURAI, R; RAVIKANTH, M
2003Thiaporphyrins with one, two and four unsubstituted meso-carbons: Synthesis and functionalizationAGARWAL, N; HUNG, CH; RAVIKANTH, M