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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Aggregate and detailed production planning integrating procurement and distribution plans in a multi-site environmentKANYALKAR, AP; ADIL, GK
2017Analytical models for a new turnover-based hybrid storage policy in unit-load warehousesRAO, SS; ADIL, GK
2016Analytical models for pick distances in fishbone warehouse based on exact distance contourVENKITASUBRAMONY, R; ADIL, GK
2008A branch and bound algorithm for class based storage location assignmentMUPPANI, VR; ADIL, GK
2012Choices in manufacturing strategy decision areas in batch production system - six case studiesCHOUDHARI, SC; ADIL, GK; ANANTHAKUMAR, U
2014Class-Based Storage Assignment in a Unit-Load Warehouse Employing AS/RS with Inventory Space Allocation Considering Product Specific Setup to Holding Cost RatioRAO, SS; ADIL, GK
2013Class-based storage with exact S-shaped traversal routeing in low-level picker-to-part systemsRAO, SS; ADIL, GK
2008Class-based storage-location assignment to minimise pick travel distanceMUPPANI, VR; ADIL, GK
2013Configuration of manufacturing strategy decision areas in line production system: five case studiesCHOUDHARI, SC; ADIL, GK; ANANTHAKUMAR, U
2017Design of an order-picking warehouse factoring vertical travel and space sharingVENKITASUBRAMONY, R; ADIL, GK
2014Development of questionnaire to assess manufacturing capability along different decision areasJAIN, B; ADIL, GK; ANANTHAKUMAR, U
2006Effect of conversion of functional layout to a cellular layout on the queue time performance: some new insightsPITCHUKA, LN; ADIL, GK; ANANTHAKUMAR, U
2004Efficient algorithm for cell formation with sequence data, machine replications and alternative process routingsJAYASWAL, S; ADIL, GK
2008Efficient formation of storage classes for warehouse storage location assignment: A simulated annealing approachMUPPANI, VR; ADIL, GK
2005Forming GT cells incrementally using GRASPADIL, GK; GHOSH, JB
2005An integrated aggregate and detailed planning in a multi-site production environment using linear programmingKANYALKAR, AP; ADIL, GK
2013Optimal class boundaries, number of aisles, and pick list size for low-level order picking systemsRAO, SS; ADIL, GK
2008Optimal Retail Shelf Space Allocation with Dynamic Programming using BoundsGAJJAR, HK; ADIL, GK
2010A piecewise linearization for retail shelf space allocation problem and a local search heuristicGAJJAR, HK; ADIL, GK
2010A robust optimisation model for aggregate and detailed planning of a multi-site procurement-production-distribution systemKANYALKAR, AP; ADIL, GK