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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Aluminum-induced in situ crystallization of HWCVD a-Si : H filmsGUPTA, S; CHELAWAT, H; KUMBHAR, AA; ADHIKARI, S; DUSANE, RO
2007Calculation of vibrational excitation cross-sections in resonant electron-molecule scattering using the time-dependent wave packet (TDWP) approach with application to the (2)Pi CO- Shape resonanceSINGH, RK; SARMA, M; JAIN, A; ADHIKARI, S; MISHRA, MK
2015Enhancing the branching ratios in the dissociation channels for (OOO18)-O-16-O-16 molecule by designing optimum laser pulses: A study using stochastic optimizationTALUKDER, S; SEN, S; SHANDILYA, BK; SHARMA, R; CHAUDHURY, P; ADHIKARI, S
2008An Examination of the Expectation Value Profiles for Average Stretch and Momentum in O-H and O-D Bonds of the HOD Molecule To Determine Their Role in Selective PhotodissociationSARMA, M; ADHIKARI, S; MISHRA, MK
2009Geology and geochemistry of Pachmarhi dykes and sills, Satpura Gondwana Basin, central India: problems of dyke-sill-flow correlations in the Deccan TrapsSHETH, HC; RAY, JS; RAY, R; VANDERKLUYSEN, L; MAHONEY, JJ; KUMAR, A; SHUKLA, AD; DAS, P; ADHIKARI, S; JANA, B
2009Laser assisted control of selective bond dissociation in HOD - some mechanistic insightsSARMA, M; ADHIKARI, S; MISHRA, MK
2008Mechanistic investigation of vibrational fine structure in e-H-2 scattering using local complex potential-based time dependent wave packet approachSARMA, M; ADHIKARI, S; MISHRA, MK
2004A quantum-classical treatment of non-adiabatic transitionsPUZARI, P; DESHPANDE, SA; ADHIKARI, S
2013Selective bond breaking mediated by state specific vibrational excitation in model HOD molecule through optimized femtosecond IR pulse: A simulated annealing based approachSHANDILYA, BK; SEN, S; SAHOO, T; TALUKDER, S; CHAUDHURY, P; ADHIKARI, S
2007Selective control of HOD photodissociation using CW lasersSARMA, M; ADHIKARI, S; MISHRA, MK
2006Selective control of HOD photodissociation using low quanta O–D excitation and field optimized initial state (FOIST) based combination of states and colorsSARMA, MANABENDRA; ADHIKARI, S; MISHRA, MK
2006Selective control of photodissociation in deutereted water molecule HODADHIKARI, S; DESHPANDE, SARIN; SARMA, MANABENDRA; VANDANA, K; MISHRA, MK
2007Selective photodissociation of O-H and O-D bonds from ground vibrational state of HOD using simple UV pulsesSARMA, M; ADHIKARI, S; MISHRA, MK
2007Simple systematization of vibrational excitation cross-section calculations for resonant electron-molecule scattering in the boomerang and impulse modelsSARMA, M; ADHIKARI, S; MISHRA, MK
2013Time dependent wave packet treatment of (2)pi N-g(2)- and (3)Sigma-NO- shape resonances using two-dimensional surfaces for electron-N-2 and NO interactionsSHANDILYA, BK; SARMA, M; ADHIKARI, S; MISHRA, MK
2012Vibrational excitation resulting from electron capture in LUMO of F-2 and HCl - A treatment using the time-dependent wave packet approachSHANDILYA, BK; SARMA, M; ADHIKARI, S; MISHRA, MK