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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Design of an ionic liquid as a solvent for the extraction of a pharmaceutical intermediateHARINI, M; JAIN, S; ADHIKARI, J; NORONHA, SB; RANI, KY
2014Fluid phase behavior of ethylene glycol plus water mixtures (at operating conditions of the first-stage esterification reactors for PET synthesis) by molecular simulations and activity coefficient (gamma-phi) methodDESOUZA, A; DHARMALA, KM; GONDU, S; GUPTA, SK; ADHIKARI, J
2016Fluid phase equilibria of triangle-well fluids confined inside slit pores: A transition matrix Monte Carlo simulation studySENGUPTA, A; ADHIKARI, J
2015A grand canonical Monte Carlo simulation study of argon and krypton confined inside weakly attractive slit poresSENGUPTA, A; ADHIKARI, J
2007Interfacial properties of Morse fluidsSINGH, JK; ADHIKARI, J; KWAK, SK
2007Interfacial properties of morse fluids (vol 105, pg 981, 2007)SINGH, JK; ADHIKARI, J; KWAK, SK
2009Miscibility of InxGa1-xAs alloys: a study using atomistic simulationsADHIKARI, J
2011Molecular simulation predictions of miscibility characteristics and critical exponents in compound semiconductorsSIKDER, S; RATHI, P; ADHIKARI, J
2014Molecular simulation study of triangle-well fluids confined in slit poresSENGUPTA, A; BEHERA, P; ADHIKARI, J
2017Phase Equilibria and Critical Point Predictions of Mixtures of Molecular Fluids Using Grand Canonical Transition Matrix Monte CarloCHAKRABORTI, T; ADHIKARI, J
2016Prediction of fluid phase equilibria and interfacial tension of triangle-well fluids using transition matrix Monte CarloSENGUPTA, A; ADHIKARI, J
2016Prediction of fluid-phase behavior of symmetrical binary Yukawa fluids using transition matrix Monte CarloCHAKRABORTI, T; ADHIKARI, J
2014Prediction of Vapor Liquid Coexistence Data for p-Cymene Using Equation of State Methods and Monte Carlo SimulationsHARINI, M; ADHIKARI, J; RANI, KY
2014Prediction of vapour-liquid coexistence data of PhenylacetylcarbinolHARINI, M; ADHIKARI, J; RANI, KY
2012Structural characterization of III-V zinc blende compound semiconductors using Monte Carlo simulationsRATHI, P; SIKDER, S; ADHIKARI, J
2010Structural characterization of pseudo-binary semiconducting alloys using molecular simulationsSIKDER, S; RATHI, P; ADHIKARI, J
2007Study of structural and thermodynamic properties of GaAs and InAs using Monte Carlo simulationsADHIKARI, J; KUMAR, A
2013Thermodynamic modelling of miscibility in (InAs) (x) (GaAs)(1-x) solid solutionsADHIKARI, J