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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Gauge mediated supersymmetry breaking and the cosmology of the left-right symmetric modelMISHRA, S; YAJNIK, UA; SARKAR, A
2005Gauged B-L symmetry and baryogenesis via leptogenesis at TeV scaleSAHU, N; YAJNIK, UA
2007Gauged B-L unification and cosmologyYAJNIK, UA
2010Graceful exit via monopoles in a theory with O'Raifeartaigh type supersymmetry breakingKUMAR, B; YAJNIK, UA
2000Inflation with bulk fields in the Randall-Sundrum warped compactification?CLINE, J; YAJNIK, UA
2015Infrared Abelian dominance without Abelian projectionRAVAL, H; YAJNIK, UA
2004Leptogenesis with left-right domain wallsYAJNIK, UA; CLINE, J; RABIKUMAR, M
2005Magnetic domain walls of relic fermions as dark energyYAJNIK, UA
2000Neutrino and astroparticle physics: working group reportMOHANTY, S; YAJNIK, UA
2004Particle physics implications of Wilkinson microwave anisotropy project measurementsYAJNIK, UA
2008PeV scale Left-Right symmetry and baryon asymmetry of the UniverseSARKAR, A; ABHISHEK; YAJNIK, UA
2004Proceedings Of The Dae-Brns Eighth Workshop On High Energy Physics Phenomenology (Whepp-8)SANKAR, SU; YAJNIK, UA
2014Production and decay rates of excited leptons in a left-right symmetric scenarioBANERJEE, P; YAJNIK, UA
2003Quantum mechanical spectra of charged black holesDAS, SAURYA; RAMADEVI, P; YAJNIK, UA; SULE, A
2004Quantum-mechanical stability of fermion-soliton systemsSAHU, N; YAJNIK, UA
1998Schwarzschild black hole with global monopole chargeDADHICH, N; NARAYAN, K; YAJNIK, UA
2009Spontaneous parity violation in a supersymmetric left-right symmetric modelPATRA, S; SARKAR, A; SARKAR, U; YAJNIK, UA
2010Spontaneously broken parity and consistent cosmology with transitory domain wallsMISHRA, S; YAJNIK, UA
2009Stability of false vacuum in supersymmetric theories with cosmic stringsKUMAR, B; YAJNIK, UA
1999Topological defects in the left-right symmetric model and their relevance to cosmologyYAJNIK, UA; WIDYAN, H; CHOUDHURY, D; MAHAJAN, S; MUKHERJEE, A