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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Hydro-mechanical behavior of geogrid reinforced soil barriers of landfill cover systemsRAJESH, S; VISWANADHAM, BVS
2010Influence of geofibers on the flexural behavior of compacted soil beamsVISWANADHAM, BVS; JHA, BK; PAWAR, SN
2007Influence of geogrid layer on the integrity of compacted clay liners of landfillsVISWANADHAM, BVS; MUTHUKUMARAN, AE
2012Influence of geomembrane on the deformation behaviour of clay-based landfill coversDIVYA, PV; VISWANADHAM, BVS; GOURC, JP
2002Modeling deformation behaviour of clay liners in a small centrifugeVISWANADHAM, BVS; MAHESH, KV
2004Modeling of geotextile reinforced highway slopes in a geotechnical centrifugeVISWANADHAM, BVS; MAHAJAN, R
2001Modelling and instrumentation considerations of a geogridVISWANADHAM, BVS
2015Numerical Simulation of Geogrid-Reinforced Soil Barriers Subjected to Differential SettlementsRAJESH, S; VISWANADHAM, BVS
2008Option for improving the deformation behaviour of compacted clay barriers subjected to differential settlementsVISWANADHAM, BVS; RAJESH, S; SENGUPTA, SS
2016Performance evaluation of geogrid reinforced soil walls with marginal backfills through centrifuge model testsBALAKRISHNAN, S; VISWANADHAM, BVS
2004Studies on scaling and instrumentation of a geogridVISWANADHAM, BVS; KONIG, D
2006Studies on the deformation behaviour of randomly reinforced soil liners in a geocentrifugeVISWANADHAM, BVS; SENGUPTA, SS; MUTHUKUMARAN, AE
2017A study on desiccation cracking behavior of polyester fiber-reinforced expansive clayCHADUVULA, U; VISWANADHAM, BVS; KODIKARA, J
2009Swelling behaviour of a geofiber-reinforced expansive soilVISWANADHAM, BVS; PHANIKUMAR, BR; MUKHERJEE, RV