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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Measurement of concentration profiles using confocal Raman spectroscopy in multicomponent polymeric coatings-model validationARYA, RK; VINJAMUR, M
2015Mechanism for formation of Hollow and Granular Silica Aerogel Microspheres from rice husk ash for drug deliveryRAJANNA, SK; VINJAMUR, M; MUKHOPADHYAY, M
2011Misting of Newtonian Liquids in Forward Roll CoatingOWENS, MS; VINJAMUR, M; SCRIVEN, LE; MACOSKO, CW
2011Misting of Newtonian Liquids in Forward Roll CoatingOWENS, MS; VINJAMUR, M; SCRIVEN, LE; MACOSKO, CW
2013Modeling of precipitation of ultra-fine particles by pressure reduction over CO2-expanded liquidsKUMAR, KA; CHATTARAJ, R; DHUMAL, U; MUKHOPADHYAY, M; VINJAMUR, M; DALVI, SV
2017Modified Epoxy Coatings for Corrosion DetectionDHOLE, GS; GUNASEKARAN, G; NAIK, RB; VINJAMUR, M
2009Near-Optimization of Operating Conditions and Residence Times in Multizone Dryers for Polymer CoatingsARYA, RK; VINJAMUR, M
2009Optimization of Operating Conditions in a Single-Zone Drier for Two-Layer Polymer CoatingsKHANDELWAL, A; SINGHANIA, M; VINJAMUR, M
2013The Optimization of the Length of Horizontal Wells for Bottom Water Reservoir ConditionsPATIL, RN; VINJAMUR, M; MITRA, SK
2014Parametric effects on kinetics of esterification for biodiesel production: A Taguchi approachHASSAN, SZ; VINJAMUR, M
2012Quality of fluidization in gas-solid unary and packed fluidized beds: An experimental study using gamma ray transmission techniqueMANDAL, D; SHARMA, VK; PANT, HJ; SATHIYAMOORTHY, D; VINJAMUR, M
2017Robust Silica Aerogel Microspheres from Rice Husk Ash to Enhance the Dissolution Rate of Poorly Water-Soluble DrugsRAJANNA, SK; VINJAMUR, M; MUKHOPADHYAY, M
2015Silica Aerogel Microparticles from Rice Husk Ash for Drug DeliveryRAJANNA, SK; KUMAR, D; VINJAMUR, M; MUKHOPADHYAY, M
2017Smart acrylic coatings for corrosion detectionDHOLE, GS; GUNASEKARAN, G; GHORPADE, T; VINJAMUR, M
2013Void fraction and effective thermal conductivity of binary particulate bedMANDAL, D; SATHIYAMOORTHY, D; VINJAMUR, M
2008Waterflood profiles and oil recovery with vertical and horizontal wellsHADIA, N; CHAUDHARI, L; MITRA, SK; VINJAMUR, M; SINGH, R