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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Single-event-induced barrier lowering in deep-submicron MOS devices and circuitsJAIN, PALKESH; VASI, J; LAL, RAKESH
2003Small signal characteristics of thin film single halo SOI MOSFET for mixed mode applicationsNAJEEB-UD-DIN HAKIM; RAMGOPAL RAO, V; VASI, J
2004Stress voltage polarity dependence of JVD-Si3N4 MNSFET degradationVASI, J; MANJULA RANI, KN; RAMGOPAL RAO, V
1999A study of 100 nm channel length asymmetric channel MOSFET by using charge pumpingMAHAPATRA, S; RAO, VR; PARIKH, CD; VASI, J; CHENG, B; WOO, JCS
2001A study of hot-carrier induced interface-trap profiles in lateral asymmetric channel MOSFETs using a novel charge pumping techniqueMAHAPATRA, S; RAO, VR; VASI, J; CHENG, B; WOO, JCS
2010Study of P/E Cycling Endurance Induced Degradation in SANOS Memories Under NAND (FN/FN) OperationSANDHYA, C; OAK, AB; CHATTAR, N; GANGULY, U; OLSEN, C; SEUTTER, SM; DATE, L; HUNG, R; VASI, J; MAHAPATRA, S
1993A study of radiation effects on reoxidized nitrided-oxide mosfets, including effects on mobilityMALLIK, A; VASI, J; CHANDORKAR, AN
2016Study of temperature-dependent charge conduction in silicon-nanocrystal/SiO2 multilayersMAVILLA, NR; CHAVAN, V; SOLANKI, CS; VASI, J
2005Superior hot carrier reliability of single halo (SH) silicon-on-insulator (SOI) nMOSFET in analog applicationsVASI, J; NAJEEB-UD-DIN HAKIM; RAMGOPAL RAO, V; WOO, JCS
2002Suppression of parasitic BJT action in single pocket thin film deep sub-micron SOI MOSFETs.DIN, N; AATISH, K; DUNGA, MV; RAO, VR; VASI, J
2003Thin film single halo (SH) SOI nMOSFETs - hot carrier reliability for mixed mode applicationsNAJEEB-UD-DIN HAKIM; RAMGOPAL RAO, V; VASI, J
2004Thin film Single Halo (SH) SOI nMOSFETs short channel performance in mixed signal applicationsHAKIM, NUD; RAO, VR; VASI, J
1994A two-dimensional numerical simulation of oxide charge buildup in MOS transistors due to radiationVASUDEVAN, VINITA; VASI, J
2000ULSI MOS transistors with jet vapour deposited (JVD) silicon nitride for the gate insulatorMAHAPATRA, S; MANJULARANI, KN; RAO, VR; VASI, J
2014Visual Degradation in Field-Aged Crystalline Silicon PV Modules in India and Correlation With Electrical DegradationCHATTOPADHYAY, S; DUBEY, R; KUTHANAZHI, V; JOHN, JJ; SOLANKI, CS; KOTTANTHARAYIL, A; ARORA, BM; NARASIMHAN, KL; KUBER, V; VASI, J; KUMAR, A; SASTRY, OS