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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009The shortened transition metal-tellurium bonds in organometallic clustersPASYNSKII, AA; TORUBAEV, YV; GRIGOR'EV, VN; BLOKHIN, AI; HERBERHOLD, M; MATHUR, P
2014Step-by-step transformations of ferrocenyltellurium complexes of Group VIB metal carbonylsMATHUR, P; TAUQEER, M; TORUBAEV, YV; SHAIKH, MM; LAHIRI, GK; PASYNSKII, AA; PAVLOVA, AV
2008Synthesis and Molecular Structure of Tricarbonyl(diphenyl ditelluride)diiodoiron (CO)(3)FeI2(Te2Ph2) and Tricarbonyldiiodo[iodo(phenyl)tellurido]iron (CO)(3)FeI2(PhTeI): First Example of the Coordination of Unstable PhTeI to the Transition Metal AtomTORUBAEV, YV; PASYNSKII, AA; MATHUR, P
2009Synthesis and Molecular Structures of the Cobalt Complexes (eta(4)-C(4)Me(4)) Co(CO)(2)SnCl(3), (eta(4)-C(4)Me(4))Co(CO)(2)(TeI(2)Ph), and (eta(4)-C(4)Me(4))Co(CO)(2) (TeBrIPh) with the Shortened Co-Sn and Co-Te BondsTORUBAEV, YV; PASYNSKII, AA; GALUSTYAN, AR; MATHUR, P
2015Synthesis, molecular structures, Mossbauer and electrochemical investigation of ferrocenyltelluride derivatives: (Fc(2)Te(2))Fe(CO)(3)I-2 [(CO)(3)IFe(mu-TeFc)](2), CpFe(CO)(2)TeFc, CpFe(CO)(2)TeX(2)Fc (X = Br, I) and CpFe(CO)(2)(mu-TeFc)Fe(CO)(3)I-2TORUBAEV, YV; PASYNSKII, AA; PAVLOVA, AV; TAUQEER, M; HERBER, RH; NOWIK, I; SKABITSKII, IV; DENISOV, GL; GRINBERG, VA; MATHUR, P; SHAIKH, MM; LAHIRI, GK
2008(Z)-Diiodo(2-iodo-2-phenylvinyl)(phenyl)tellurium PhIC=CHTeI2Ph: Synthesis and Complexing Properties in a Reaction with Iron PentacarbonylTORUBAEV, YV; PASYNSKII, AA; MATHUR, P