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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Identification of the inverse melting line in the vortex phase diagram of a low T-c superconductor, Ca3Rh4Sn13BABU, MS; THAMIZHAVEL, A; RAMAKRISHNAN, S; TOMY, CV; GROVER, AK; PAL, D
2012Improved multiferroic properties in Sm-doped BiFeO3 thin films deposited using chemical solution deposition methodSINGH, SK; TOMY, CV; ERA, T; ITOH, M; ISHIWARA, H
2016Improvement in Thermoelectric Properties by Tailoring at In and Te Site in In2Te5SANCHELA, AV; THAKUR, AD; TOMY, CV
2015Improvement of superconducting properties in Fe1+xSe0.5Te0.5 superconductor by Cr-substitutionYADAV, AK; SANCHELA, AV; TOMY, CV
2001Influence of nonlocal electrodynamics on the anisotropic vortex pinning in YNi2B2CSILHANEK, AV; THOMPSON, JR; CIVALE, L; PAUL, DM; TOMY, CV
2012Interplay of superconductivity and charge density wave ordering in pseudoternary alloy compounds: Lu2Ir3(Si1-xGex)(5), Lu-2(Ir1-xRhx)(3)Si-5, and (Lu1-xScx)Ir3Si5SANGEETHA, NS; THAMIZHAVEL, A; TOMY, CV; BASU, S; AWASTHI, AM; RAMAKRISHNAN, S; PAL, D
2005Investigation of magnetic interactions in Ba2EuRu1-xCuxO6 using magnetization and Eu-151 Mossbauer studiesKUMAR, R; TOMY, CV; PAULOSE, PL; NAGARAJAN, R
2005Magnetic and transport properties of ternary indides of type R2CoIn8 (R=Ce, Pr, and Dy)JOSHI, DA; TOMY, CV; PAULOSE, PL; NAGARAJAN, R; NIRMALA, R; MALIK, SK
2000Magnetic phase diagram of weakly pinned type-II superconductorsBANERJEE, SS; RAMAKRISHNAN, S; PAL, D; SARKAR, S; GROVER, AK; RAVIKUMAR, G; MISHRA, PK; RAO, TVC; SAHNI, VC; TOMY, CV; HIGGINS, MJ; BHATTACHARYA, S
2003Magnetic properties of Pr1-xSr1+xMnO4 (0.3 <= x <= 0.8) single crystalsTOMY, CV; KUMAR, R; BALAKRISHNAN, G; LEES, MR; PAUL, DM
2006Magnetic properties of ternary gallides of type RNi4Ga (R=rare earths)JOSHI, DEVANG A; TOMY, CV; RANA, DS; NAGARAJAN, R; MALIK, SK
2006Magnetic, specific heat and 151Eu Mössbauer studies on Ba2EuRu1-xCuO6(0≤x≤0.2) compoundsRAKESH KUMAR; RANA, DS; TOMY, CV; PAULOSE, PL; NAGARAJAN, R; MIN, C; OH, S-J
2006Magnetic, transport and 151Eu Mössbauer studies on partially doped La1 - x Eux Sr0.2 MnO3 ( 0.04 ≤ x ≤ 0.32) compoundsRAKESH KUMAR; RANA, DS; TOMY, CV; PAULOSE, PL; MALIK, SK
2007Magnetic, transport and thermal properties of ternary indides R2CoIn8 (R = rare earths and Y)JOSHI, DA; TOMY, CV; MALIK, SK
2009Magnetization and heat capacity studies of double perovskite compounds Ba(2)SmRuO(6) and Ba(2)DyRuO(6)KUMAR, R; TOMY, CV; NAGARAJAN, R; PAULOSE, PL; MALIK, SK
2007Magnetization and specific heat studies of RNi4Ga (R=Sm, Gd and Tb)JOSHI, DA; TOMY, CV; NAGARAJAN, R; MALIK, SK
2015Multiple charge-density-wave transitions in single-crystalline Lu2Ir3Si5SANGEETHA, NS; THAMIZHAVEL, A; TOMY, CV; BASU, S; AWASTHI, AM; RAJAK, P; BHATTACHARYYA, S; RAMAKRISHNAN, S; PAL, D
2001Multiple magnetization peaks in weakly pinned Ca3Rh4Sn13 and YBa2Cu3O7-deltaSARKAR, S; PAL, D; PAULOSE, PL; RAMAKRISHNAN, S; GROVER, AK; TOMY, CV; DASGUPTA, D; SARMA, BK; BALAKRISHNAN, G; PAUL, DM
2010Muon-spin-spectroscopy study of the penetration depth of FeTe(0.5)Se(0.5)BISWAS, PK; BALAKRISHNAN, G; PAUL, DM; TOMY, CV; LEES, MR; HILLIER, AD