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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The nature of the first order isostructural transition in GdRhSnGUPTA, S; SURESH, KG; NIGAM, AK; MUDRYK, Y; PAUDYAL, D; PECHARSKY, VK; GSCHNEIDNER, KA
2014Near fifty percent sodium substituted lanthanum manganites-A potential magnetic refrigerant for room temperature applicationsSETHULAKSHMI, N; AL-OMARI, IA; SURESH, KG; ANANTHARAMAN, MR
2009Near room temperature magneto caloric effect in V doped La(0.67)Ca(0.33)MnO(3) ceramicsNISHA, P; SANTHOSH, PN; SURESH, KG; PAVITHRAN, C; VARMA, MR
2013Near room temperature magnetocaloric properties of Fe substituted La0.67Sr0.33MnO3RESHMI, CP; PILLAI, SS; SURESH, KG; VARMA, MR
2014Nonequilibrium magnetic properties in Nd5Ge3MAJI, B; SURESH, KG
2009Nuclearity Control in Molecular Iron Phosphates through Choice of Iron Precursors and Ancillary LigandsMURUGAVEL, R; GOGOI, N; SURESH, KG; LAYEK, S; VERMA, HC
2009Observation of enhanced exchange bias behaviour in NiCoMnSb Heusler alloysNAYAK, AK; SURESH, KG; NIGAM, AK
2015Observation of giant exchange bias in bulk Mn50Ni42Sn8 Heusler alloySHARMA, J; SURESH, KG
2013Observation of giant magnetocaloric effect in HoCoSiGUPTA, S; SURESH, KG
2014Observation of large positive magnetoresistance and its sign reversal in GdRhGeGUPTA, S; SURESH, KG; NIGAM, AK
2010Observation of re-entrant spin glass behavior in (Ce(1-x)Er(x))Fe(2) compoundsHALDAR, A; SURESH, KG; NIGAM, AK
2017Observation of short range ferromagnetic interactions and magnetocaloric effect in cobalt substituted Gd5Si2Ge2UTHAMAN, B; MANJU, P; THOMAS, S; NAGAR, DJ; SURESH, KG; VARMA, MR
2011Observation of spin-orbital compensation in Sm(1-x)Gd(x)Ni(2)MAJI, B; SURESH, KG; NIGAM, AK
2010Observation of spontaneous magnetization jump and field-induced irreversibility in Nd(5)Ge(3)MAJI, B; SURESH, KG; NIGAM, AK
2002On the structural and magnetic properties of R2Fe17 - x(A,T)x (R = Rare Earth; A = Al, Si, Ga; T = Transition Metal) compoundsRAMA RAO, KVS; EHRENBERG, H; MARKANDEYULU, G; VARADARAJU, UV; VENKATESAN, M; SURESH, KG; MURTHY, VS; SCHMIDT, PC; FUESS, H
2017Optical Properties and the Electronic Structure of Co2TiGe and Co2TiSn Heusler AlloysSHREDER, EI; MAKHNEV, AA; LUKOYANOV, AV; SURESH, KG
2015Orientation-dependent plastic deformation in transformer steel: Experiments and dislocation dynamics simulationsSHEKHAWAT, SK; CHAKRABARTY, R; BASAVARAJ, V; HIWARKAR, VD; MANI, KV; GURUPRASAD, PJ; BENZERGA, AA; SURESH, KG; SAMAJDAR, I
2015Origin of spin gapless semiconductor behavior in CoFeCrGa: Theory and ExperimentBAINSLA, L; MALLICK, AI; RAJA, MM; COELHO, AA; NIGAM, AK; JOHNSON, DD; ALAM, A; SURESH, KG
2010Phase coexistence induced by cooling across the first order transition in Ni-Co-Mn-Sb shape memory alloyNAYAK, AK; SURESH, KG; NIGAM, AK
2009Phase coexistence, microstructure and magnetism in Ni-Mn-Sb alloysRAO, NVR; GOPALAN, R; CHANDRASEKARAN, V; SURESH, KG