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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013In-plane and out of plane magnetic properties in Ni46Co4Mn38Sb12 ribbonsSAHOO, R; KUMAR, DMR; BABU, DA; SURESH, KG; RAJA, MM
2012In-situ phase transformation studies of Ni48Mn39In13 melt-spun ribbonsKUMAR, DMR; RAO, DVS; RAO, NVR; RAJA, MM; SINGH, RK; SURESH, KG
2013Influence of cobalt on the structural, magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of La0.67Ca0.33MnO3NISHA, P; PILLAI, SS; VARMA, MR; SURESH, KG
2012Influence of Dy addition on the magnetocaloric effect of La0.67Ca0.33Mn0.9V0.1O3 ceramicsNISHA, P; PILLAI, SS; SURESH, KG; VARMA, MR
2016Influence of solvothermal growth condition on morphological formation of hematite spheroid and pseudocubic micro structures and its magnetic coercivitySATHEESH, M; PALOLY, AR; SURESH, KG; BUSHIRI, MJ
2005Inhomogeneous magnetic state in RAgAl (R = rare earth)SURESH, KG; DHAR, SK; NIGAM, AK
2015Investigation of multifunctional properties of Mn50Ni40-xCoxSn10 (x=0-6) Heusler alloysSHARMA, J; SURESH, KG
2015Investigation of the quaternary Fe2-xCoxMnSi (0 <= x <= 0.6) alloys by structural, magnetic, resistivity and spin polarization measurementsBAINSLA, L; RAJA, MM; NIGAM, AK; VARAPRASAD, BSDCS; TAKAHASHI, YK; SURESH, KG; HONO, K
2009Investigations on magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of the intermetallic compound TbAgAlSINGH, NK; KUMAR, P; SURESH, KG; NIGAM, AK
2010Irreversibility of field-induced magnetostructural transition in NiCoMnSb shape memory alloy revealed by magnetization, transport and heat capacity studiesNAYAK, AK; SURESH, KG; NIGAM, AK
2003Itinerant electron metamagnetism and magnetocaloric effect in Dy(Co,Si)2SINGH, NIRAJ K; SURESH, KG; NIGAM, AK
2007Itinerant electron metamagnetism and magnetocaloric effect in rco2-based laves phase compoundsSINGH, NK; SURESH, KG; NIGAM, AK; MALIK, SK; COELHO, AA; GAMA, S
2014Large field-induced magnetocaloric effect and magnetoresistance in ErNiSiGUPTA, S; RAWAT, R; SURESH, KG
2010Large low-field inverse magnetocaloric effect near room temperature in Ni(50-x) Mn(37+x) In(13) Heusler alloysRAO, NVR; GOPALAN, R; CHANDRASEKARAN, V; SURESH, KG
2010Large reversible magnetocaloric effect in Er(3)Co compoundKUMAR, P; SINGH, NK; NAYAK, AK; HALDAR, A; SURESH, KG; NIGAM, AK
2008Large reversible magnetocaloric effect in RNi compoundsKUMAR, P; SURESH, KG; NIGAM, AK; GUTFLEISCH, O
2015Local structure studies of CoFeMnX (X = Si and Ge) Heusler alloys using X-ray absorption spectroscopyBAINSLA, L; YADAV, AK; VENKATESWARA, Y; JHA, SN; BHATTACHARYYA, D; SURESH, KG
2015Low temperature giant magnetocaloric effect in multiferroic GdMnO3 single crystalsWAGH, AA; SURESH, KG; KUMAR, PSA; ELIZABETH, S
2010Magnetic and electrical properties of RCo(2)Mn (R = Ho, Er) compoundsMAJI, B; SURESH, KG; NIGAM, AK
2012Magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of ball milled Nd5Ge3MAJI, B; SURESH, KG; CHEN, X; RAMANUJAN, RV