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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The C-terminal tails of heterotrimeric kinesin-2 motor subunits directly bind to alpha-tubulin1: Possible implications for cilia-specific tubulin entryGIROTRA, M; SRIVASTAVA, S; KULKARNI, A; BARBORA, A; BOBRA, K; GHOSAL, D; DEVAN, P; AHER, A; JAIN, A; PANDA, D; RAY, K
2015Calibration-free concentration analysis of protein biomarkers in human serum using surface plasmon resonanceSHAH, VG; RAY, S; KARLSSON, R; SRIVASTAVA, S
2012Cancer Biomarker Detection by Surface Plasmon Resonance BiosensorsREDDY, PJ; SADHU, S; RAY, S; SRIVASTAVA, S
2017A Carbocyclic Curcumin Inhibits Proliferation of Gram-Positive Bacteria by Targeting FtsZGROUNDWATER, PW; NARLAWAR, R; LIAO, VWY; BHATTACHARYA, A; SRIVASTAVA, S; KUNAL, K; DODDAREDDY, M; OZA, PM; MAMIDI, R; MARRS, ECL; PERRY, JD; HIBBS, DE; PANDA, D
2010Cell-free synthesis-based protein microarrays and their applicationsCHANDRA, H; SRIVASTAVA, S
2017A centrosomal protein FOR20 regulates microtubule assembly dynamics and plays a role in cell migrationSRIVASTAVA, S; PANDA, D
2016Clinicopathological Analysis and Multipronged Quantitative Proteomics Reveal Oxidative Stress and Cytoskeletal Proteins as Possible Markers for Severe Vivax MalariaRAY, S; PATEL, SK; VENKATESH, A; BHAVE, A; KUMAR, V; SINGH, V; CHATTERJEE, G; SHAH, VG; SHARMA, S; RENU, D; NAFIS, N; GANDHE, P; GOGTAY, N; THATTE, U; SEHGAL, K; VERMA, S; KARAK, A; KHANRA, D; TALUKDAR, A; KOCHAR, SK; VIJETH, SB; KOCHAR, DK; ROJH, D; VARMA, SG; GANDHI, MN; SRIKANTH, R; PATANKAR, S; SRIVASTAVA, S
2014Comparative proteomics of mitosis and meiosis in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeKUMAR, R; DHALI, S; SRIKANTH, R; GHOSH, SK; SRIVASTAVA, S
2016Comparative study between vivax and falciparum malaria in Eastern India: Breaking a mythKARAK, A; MUKHERJEE, A; CHAKRABORTY, A; SAMANTA, B; VERMA, S; TALUKDAR, A; SRIVASTAVA, S
2015Comprehensive Analysis of Temporal Alterations in Cellular Proteome of Bacillus subtilis under Curcumin TreatmentREDDY, PJ; SINHA, S; RAY, S; SATHE, GJ; CHATTERJEE, A; PRASAD, TSK; DHALI, S; SRIKANTH, R; PANDA, D; SRIVASTAVA, S
2015A comprehensive proteomic analysis of totarol induced alterations in Bacillus subtilis by multipronged quantitative proteomicsREDDY, PJ; RAY, S; SATHE, GJ; GAJBHIYE, A; PRASAD, TSK; RAPOLE, S; PANDA, D; SRIVASTAVA, S
2013Crowd-Funded Micro-Grants for Genomics and "Big Data": An Actionable Idea Connecting Small (Artisan) Science, Infrastructure Science, and Citizen PhilanthropyOZDEMIR, V; BADR, KF; DOVE, ES; ENDRENYI, L; GERACI, CJ; HOTEZ, PJ; MILIUS, D; NEVES-PEREIRA, M; PANG, T; ROTIMI, CN; SABRA, R; SARKISSIAN, CN; SRIVASTAVA, S; TIMS, H; ZGHEIB, NK; KICKBUSCH, I
2017Evaluation of autoantibody signatures in meningioma patients using human proteome arraysGUPTA, S; MUKHERJEE, S; SYED, P; PANDALA, NG; CHOUDHARY, S; SINGH, VA; SINGH, N; ZHU, H; EPARI, S; NORONHA, SB; MOIYADI, A; SRIVASTAVA, S
2017Febrifugine analogues as Leishmania donovani trypanothione reductase inhibitors: binding energy analysis assisted by molecular docking, ADMET and molecular dynamics simulationPANDEY, RK; KUMBHAR, BV; SRIVASTAVA, S; MALIK, R; SUNDAR, S; KUNWAR, A; PRAJAPATI, VK
2016Global proteomic profiling identifies etoposide chemoresistance markers in non-small cell lung carcinomaPAUL, D; CHANUKUPPA, V; REDDY, PJ; TAUNK, K; ADHAV, R; SRIVASTAVA, S; SANTRA, MK; RAPOLE, S
2005Improved algorithm for set inversion with application to a jet engine control systemNATARAJ, PSV; PRAKASH, AK; SRIVASTAVA, S
2012Investigation of serum proteome alterations in human glioblastoma multiformeGOLLAPALLI, K; RAY, S; SRIVASTAVA, R; RENU, D; SINGH, P; DHALI, S; DIKSHIT, JB; SRIKANTH, R; MOIYADI, A; SRIVASTAVA, S
2010Label-free detection techniques for protein microarrays: prospects, merits and challengesRAY, S; MEHTA, G; SRIVASTAVA, S
2015Meeting Report: "Proteomics from Discovery to Function:'' 6th Annual Meeting of Proteomics Society, India and International Conference-A Milestone for the Indian Proteomics CommunityGUPTA, S; REDDY, PJ; RAY, S; ATAK, A; GOLLAPALLI, K; JAIN, R; SHAH, VG; GHANTASALA, S; KUMAR, S; PANDALA, NG; PHAPALE, P; PANDEY, VK; ZINGDE, S; SRIVASTAVA, S
2016Multi-omics Frontiers in Algal Research: Techniques and Progress to Explore Biofuels in the Postgenomics WorldRAI, V; KARTHIKAICHAMY, A; DAS, D; NORONHA, S; WANGIKAR, PP; SRIVASTAVA, S