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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Next Generation Design, Development, and Evaluation of Cryoprobes for Minimally Invasive Surgery and Solid Cancer Therapeutics: In Silico and Computational StudiesSHAIKH, AMAG; SRIVASTAVA, A; ATREY, MD
2016Non-intrusive dynamic measurements of nanofluid-based heat transfer phenomena under thermally developing flow regime in the context of compact channelsRAJPUT, NS; SRIVASTAVA, A
2017Nonintrusive Diagnostics of Nanofluids-Based Natural Convection Heat Transfer over a Heated CylinderJALAN, P; VYAS, A; SRIVASTAVA, A
2016A novel low-noise fully differential CMOS instrumentation amplifier with 1.88 noise efficiency factor for biomedical and sensor applicationsDAS, DM; SRIVASTAVA, A; ANANTHAPADMANABHAN, J; AHMAD, M; BAGHINI, MS
2016Numerical investigation of the influence of pulsatile blood flow on temperature distribution within the body of laser-irradiated biological tissue phantomsKUMAR, S; SRIVASTAVA, A
2014Numerical investigation of thermal response of laser irradiated tissue phantoms embedded with optical inhomogeneitiesKUMAR, S; SRIVASTAVA, A
2016Numerical investigation of thermal response of laser-irradiated biological tissue phantoms embedded with gold nanoshellsPHADNIS, A; KUMAR, S; SRIVASTAVA, A
2015Performance evaluation of ceiling crystallization for suppressing buoyancy-induced convection in mass transfer applications: An interferometric studyVARMA, SS; SRIVASTAVA, A
2017Performance evaluation of compact channels with surface modifications for heat transfer enhancement: An interferometric study in developing flow regimeSINHA, GK; DHARMARAJ, RH; HARIDAS, D; SRIVASTAVA, A
2016Porous media based bio-heat transfer analysis on counter-current artery vein tissue phantoms: Applications in photo thermal therapyVYAS, DCM; KUMAR, S; SRIVASTAVA, A
2015Proper cavity shape can mitigate confinement effect in synthetic jet impingement coolingBHAPKAR, US; SRIVASTAVA, A; AGRAWAL, A
2016Rainbow schlieren deflectometry technique for nanofluid-based heat transfer measurements under natural convection regimeJAIN, DS; RAO, SS; SRIVASTAVA, A
2016Real-time two-color interferometric technique for simultaneous measurements of temperature and solutal fieldsVARMA, SS; SRIVASTAVA, A
2017Simultaneous measurement of thermal and solutal diffusivities of salt-water solutions from a single-shot dual wavelength interferometric imageVARMA, SS; RAO, SS; SRIVASTAVA, A
2012Size, orientation and organization of oligomers that nucleate amyloid fibrils: Clues from MD simulations of pre-formed aggregatesSRIVASTAVA, A; BALAJI, PV
2015Solution of Radiative Transfer Equation using Discrete Transfer Method for two-dimensional participating mediumNIRGUDKAR, H; KUMAR, S; SRIVASTAVA, A
2017Thermal analysis of laser-irradiated tissue phantoms using a novel separation of the variables-based discrete transfer methodNIRGUDKAR, H; KUMAR, S; SRIVASTAVA, A
2015Thermal analysis of laser-irradiated tissue phantoms using dual phase lag model coupled with transient radiative transfer equationKUMAR, S; SRIVASTAVA, A
2016Thermal-hydraulic characteristics and performance of 3D straight channel based printed circuit heat exchangerANEESH, AM; SHARMA, A; SRIVASTAVA, A; VYAS, KN; CHAUDHURI, P
2015Thermal-hydraulic characteristics and performance of 3D wavy channel based printed circuit heat exchangerKHAN, HH; ANEESH, AM; SHARMA, A; SRIVASTAVA, A; CHAUDHURI, P