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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Structure, characterization and photoreactivity of monomeric dioxovanadium(V) Schiff-base complexes of trigonal-bipyramidal geometryASGEDOM, G; SREEDHARA, A; KIVIKOSKI, J; KOLEHMAINEN, E; RAO, CP
1998Syntheses, structure, reactivity and species recognition studies of oxo-vanadium(V) and -molybdenum(VI) complexesRAO, CP; SREEDHARA, A; RAO, PV; VERGHESE, MB; RISSANEN, K; KOLEHMAINEN, E; LOKANATH, NK; SRIDHAR, MA; PRASAD, JS
1997Synthesis and characterization of vanadyl(IV) complexes of Schiff bases derived from anthranilic acid and salicylaldehyde (or its derivatives) or acetylacetone. Single crystal X-ray structures of the oxidized productsASGEDOM, G; SREEDHARA, A; KIVIKOSKI, J; RAO, CP
1996Synthesis, characterization and DNA interaction studies of Cr-III products isolated from Cr-VI reduction with -SH containing moleculesKAIWAR, SP; SREEDHARA, A; RAGHAVAN, MSS; RAO, CP; JADHAV, V; GANESH, KN
2000Synthesis, structure and reactivity of trans-UO22+ complexes of OH-containing ligandsRAO, PV; RAO, CP; SREEDHARA, A; WEGELIUS, EK; RISSANEN, K; KOLEHMAINEN, E
2000Transition metal saccharide chemistry and biology: syntheses, characterization, solution stability and putative bio-relevant studies of iron–saccharide complexesRAO, CHEBROLU P; GEETHA, K; RAGHAVAN, MSS; SREEDHARA, A; TOKUNAGA, K; YAMAGUCHI, T; JADHAV, V; GANESH, KN; KRISHNAMOORTHY, THANUJA; RAMAIAH, KOLLURU VA; BHATTACHARYYA, RK
1996Transition metal saccharide chemistry and biology: Synthesis, characterization, electrochemistry and EPR studies of oxovanadium(IV) complexes of saccharides and their derivatives and in vitro interaction of some of these with ribonuclease and deoxyribonucleaseSREEDHARA, A; RAO, CP; RAO, BJ
1997Vanadate and chromate reduction by saccharides and L-ascorbic acid: effect of the isolated V(IV) and Cr(III) products on DNA nicking, lipid peroxidation, cytotoxicity and on enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidantsSREEDHARA, A; SUSA, N; RAO, CP