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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Simulation of Frictional Strength and Steady Relaxation Using the Rate and State Dependent Friction ModelSINGH, AK; SINGH, TN
2005Slake durability study of shaly rock and its predictionsSINGH, TN; VERMA, A; SINGH, V; SAHU, A
2017Slope failure in stratified rocks: a case from NE Himalaya, IndiaSINGH, PK; SINGH, KK; SINGH, TN
2013Soft computing and GIS for landslide susceptibility assessment in Tawaghat area, Kumaon Himalaya, IndiaRAMAKRISHNAN, D; SINGH, TN; VERMA, AK; GULATI, A; TIWARI, KC
2012Soft computing method for assessment of compressional wave velocitySINGH, R; VISHAL, V; SINGH, TN
2017Soil slope instability along a strategic road corridor in Meghalaya, north-eastern IndiaUMRAO, RK; SINGH, R; SHARMA, LK; SINGH, TN
2013Stability analysis of an open cut slope in Wardha valley coal fieldVERMA, D; KAINTHOLA, A; THAREJA, R; SINGH, TN
2016Stability analysis of potential failure zones along NH-305, IndiaMAHANTA, B; SINGH, HO; SINGH, PK; KAINTHOLA, A; SINGH, TN
2014Stability evaluation of road-cut slopes in the Lesser Himalaya of Uttarakhand, India: conventional and numerical approachesSINGH, R; UMRAO, RK; SINGH, TN
2017Stability Investigation of Hill Cut Soil Slopes along National Highway 222 at Malshej Ghat, MaharashtraSHARMA, LK; UMRAO, RK; SINGH, R; AHMAD, M; SINGH, TN
2013The stability of road cut cliff face along SH-121: a case studySINGH, PK; WASNIK, AB; KAINTHOLA, A; SAZID, M; SINGH, TN
2013Stability of slopes in a fire-prone mine in Jharia Coalfield, IndiaSINGH, TN; PRADHAN, SP; VISHAL, V
2016Stability of the rate, state and temperature dependent friction model and its applicationsSINGH, AK; SINGH, TN
2016A study of soft computing models for prediction of longitudinal wave velocitySINGH, J; VERMA, AK; BANKA, H; SINGH, TN; MAHESHWAR, S
2016Study of Strain Rate and Thermal Damage of Dholpur Sandstone at Elevated TemperatureGAUTAM, PK; VERMA, AK; JHA, MK; SARKAR, K; SINGH, TN; BAJPAI, RK
2016Temperature-dependent thermophysical properties of Ganurgarh shales from Bhander group, IndiaVERMA, AK; JHA, MK; MAHESHWAR, S; SINGH, TN; BAJPAI, RK
2017Thermal alterations in the poro-mechanical characteristic of an Indian sandstone - A comparative studySIRDESAI, NN; SINGH, TN; GAMAGE, RP
2016Thermomechanical Analysis of Different Types of Sandstone at Elevated TemperatureGAUTAM, PK; VERMA, AK; MAHESHWAR, S; SINGH, TN
2013Two-dimensional dynamic finite element simulation of rock blastingSAZID, M; SINGH, TN