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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A Laboratory Investigation of Permeability of Coal to Supercritical CO2VISHAL, V; SINGH, TN
2017Measurement of Bulk volume and Density of Irregular Solid Samples by Sand Displacement MethodGUPTA, T; YELLISHETTY, M; SINGH, TN
2010Modeling of a jointed rock mass under triaxial conditionsVERMA, AK; SINGH, TN
2013A neuro-fuzzy approach for prediction of longitudinal wave velocityVERMA, AK; SINGH, TN
2004A new predictor for ground vibration prediction and its comparison with other predictorsRAI, R; SINGH, TN
2013Numerical modeling of Gondwana coal seams in India as coalbed methane reservoirs substituted for carbon dioxide sequestrationVISHAL, V; SINGH, L; PRADHAN, SP; SINGH, TN; RANJITH, PG
2013Numerical simulation of fault reactivation phenomenonJAIN, A; VERMA, AK; VISHAL, V; SINGH, TN
2017Parametric study of factors affecting fluid flow through a fractureSHARMA, KM; ROY, DG; SINGH, PK; SHARMA, LK; SINGH, TN
2013Permeability of sub-critical carbon dioxide in naturally fractured Indian bituminous coal at a range of down-hole stress conditionsVISHAL, V; RANJITH, PG; PRADHAN, SP; SINGH, TN
2017Predicting CO2 permeability of bituminous coal using statistical and adaptive neuro-fuzzy analysisSHARMA, LK; VISHAL, V; SINGH, TN
2011Predicting elastic properties of schistose rocks from unconfined strength using intelligent approachKHANDELWAL, M; SINGH, TN
2015Prediction of abrasiveness index of some Indian rocks using soft computing methodsTRIPATHY, A; SINGH, TN; KUNDU, J
2006Prediction of blast induced ground vibrations and frequency in opencast mine: A neural network approachKHANDELWAL, M; SINGH, TN
2015Prediction of Blast-Induced Flyrock in Opencast Mines Using ANN and ANFISTRIVEDI, R; SINGH, TN; GUPTA, N
2009Prediction of blast-induced ground vibration using artificial neural networkKHANDELWAL, M; SINGH, TN
2016Prediction of compressive strength and elastic modulus of carbonate rocksMADHUBABU, N; SINGH, PK; KAINTHOLA, A; MAHANTA, B; TRIPATHY, A; SINGH, TN
2005Prediction of creep characteristic of rock under varying environmentSINGH, TN; VERMA, AK
2012Prediction of factor of safety of a slope with an advanced friction modelSINGH, AK; KAINTHOLA, A; SINGH, TN
2017Prediction of geomechanical parameters using soft computing and multiple regression approachSINGH, R; UMRAO, RK; AHMAD, M; ANSARI, MK; SHARMA, LK; SINGH, TN
2006Prediction of impact strength index, slake durability index and Schmidt hammer rebound number from P-wave velocitySHARMA, PK; SINGH, TN