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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Developing novel models using neural networks and fuzzy systems for the prediction of strength of rocks from key geomechanical propertiesSHARMA, LK; VISHAL, V; SINGH, TN
2015Discrete element modelling of conceptual deep geological repository for high-level nuclear waste disposalVERMA, AK; GAUTAM, P; SINGH, TN; BAJPAI, RK
2016Dump Slope Stability Analysis - A Case StudyBEHERA, PK; SARKAR, K; SINGH, AK; VERMA, AK; SINGH, TN
2016Effect of carbon dioxide sequestration on the mechanical properties of Deccan basaltROY, DG; VISHAL, V; SINGH, TN
2017Effect of different wall roughness on the frictional behavior of rock jointsROY, DG; TRIPATHY, A; SINGH, TN
2013Effect of excavation stages on stress and pore pressure changes for an underground nuclear repositoryVERMA, AK; SAINI, MS; SINGH, TN; DUTT, A; BAJPAI, RK
2016Effect of Heat Treatment and Layer Orientation on the Tensile Strength of a Crystalline Rock Under Brazilian Test ConditionROY, DG; SINGH, TN
2007Effect of pH on the physico-mechanical properties of marbleSINGH, TN; SHARMA, PK; KHANDELWAL, M
2017Effect of Varied Durations of Thermal Treatment on the Tensile Strength of Red SandstoneSIRDESAI, NN; SINGH, TN; RANJITH, PG; SINGH, R
2017Effect of Water Saturation on the Fracture and Mechanical Properties of Sedimentary RocksROY, DG; SINGH, TN; KODIKARA, J; DAS, R
2017Effects of strain rate on fracture toughness and energy release rate of gas shalesMAHANTA, B; TRIPATHY, A; VISHAL, V; SINGH, TN; RANJITH, PG
2016Error and impact of porosity-permeability transform in tight reservoirABBASI, S; SINGH, TN; PRITCHARD, T
2012Estimation of elastic constant of rocks using an ANFIS approachSINGH, R; KAINTHOLA, A; SINGH, TN
2017Estimation of petrographic factors of Deccan basalt using petro-physico-mechanical propertiesAHMAD, M; ANSARI, MK; SINGH, R; SHARMA, LK; SINGH, TN
2010Estimation of strength parameters of rock using artificial neural networksSARKAR, K; TIWARY, A; SINGH, TN
2016Estimation of the performance of the tunnel boring machine (TBM) using uniaxial compressive strength and rock mass rating classification (RMR)-A case study from the Deccan traps, IndiaJAIN, P; NAITHANI, AK; SINGH, TN
2008Evaluating cut slope failure by numerical analysis - a case studySINGH, TN; GULATI, A; DONTHA, L; BHARDWAJ, V
2017Evaluating the modulus of elasticity of soil using soft computing systemSHARMA, LK; SINGH, R; UMRAO, RK; SHARMA, KM; SINGH, TN
2007Evaluating the slope instability of the Amiya slideSINGH, TN; VERMA, AK
2007Evaluation of blast-induced ground vibration predictorsKHANDELWAL, M; SINGH, TN