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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Binding of lipoic acid induces conformational change and appearance of a new binding site in methylglyoxal modified serum albuminSUJI, G; KHEDKAR, SA; SINGH, SK; KISHORE, N; COUTINHO, EC; BHOR, VM; SIVAKAMI, S
2006Binding of naproxen and amitriptyline to bovine serum albumin: Biophysical aspectsBANERJEE, T; SINGH, SK; KISHORE, N
2008Calorimetric and spectroscopic studies on the interaction of methimazole with bovine serum albuminSINGH, SK; KISHORE, N
2003A class of discontinuous dynamical systems - IV. A laboratory air-water systemMOUDGALYA, KM; SINGH, SK; MADHAVAN, KP; JAIN, G
2013A computational perspective on magnetic coupling, magneto-structural correlations and magneto-caloric effect of a ferromagnetically coupled {Gd-III-Gd-III} pairRAJESHKUMAR, T; SINGH, SK; RAJARAMAN, G
2007Cyclodextrin based drug delivery system of protease inhibitor - Nelfinavir MesylateTORNE, SJ; TORNE, JS; VAVIA, PR; SINGH, SK; KISHORE, N
2013Decisive interactions that determine ferro/antiferromagnetic coupling in {3d-4f} pairs: a case study on dinuclear {V(IV)-Gd(III)} complexesSINGH, SK; RAJARAMAN, G
2011Density functional studies on dinuclear {Ni(II)Gd(III)} and trinuclear {Ni(II)Gd(III)Ni(II)} complexes: magnetic exchange and magneto-structural mapsSINGH, SK; TIBREWAL, NK; RAJARAMAN, G
2009Electrochemical impedance study of thermally sprayable polyethylene coatingsSINGH, SK; TAMBE, SP; GUNASEKARAN, G; RAJA, VS; KUMAR, D
2006Elucidating the binding thermodynamics of 8-anilino-1-naphthalene sulfonic acid with the A-state of alpha-lactalbumin: An isothermal titration calorimetric investigationSINGH, SK; KISHORE, N
2013Enhancing the double exchange interaction in a mixed valence {V-III-V-II} pair: a theoretical perspectiveGHOSH, S; SINGH, SK; TEWARY, S; RAJARAMAN, G
2006Further insights into the mechanism of hydrogen-plasma surface passivation of low-dielectric constant hydrogen silsesquioxane (HSQ)SINGH, SK; KUMBHAR, AA; DUSANE, RO; BOCK, W
2006Hot-wire chemical-vapor-deposited nanometer range a-SiC : H diffusion barrier films for ultralarge-scale-integrated applicationSINGH, SK; KUMBHAR, AA; DUSANE, RO; BOCK, W
1998Hydrogen embrittlement studies of API5LX52 pipeline steelPRASAD, RC; AVINASH, H; REDDY, TR; CHERIAN, V; ANTO, PF; SINGH, SK
2012Improved multiferroic properties in Sm-doped BiFeO3 thin films deposited using chemical solution deposition methodSINGH, SK; TOMY, CV; ERA, T; ITOH, M; ISHIWARA, H
2008Maintaining Cu metal integrity on low-k IMDs with a nanometer thick a-SiC : H film obtained by HWCVDSINGH, SK; KUMBHAR, AA; DUSANE, RO
2006Maleic acid grafted low density polyethylene for thermally sprayable anticorrosive coatingsSINGH, SK; TAMBE, SP; SAMUI, AB; RAJA, VS; KUMAR, DHIRENDRA
2003Partial molar volumes of amino acids and peptides in aqueous salt solutions at 25 degrees C and a correlation with stability of proteins in the presence of saltsSINGH, SK; KISHORE, N
2006Potential of Cat-CVD deposited a-SiC : H as diffusion barrier layer on low-k HSQ films for ULSISINGH, SK; KUMBHAR, AA; KOTHARI, M; DUSANE, RO
2004Protein folding and protein-solvent interactions: biophysical approachSINGH, SK; KISHORE, N
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