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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017FE modeling of burr size in high- speed micro-milling of Ti6Al4VYADAV, AK; KUMAR, M; BAJPAI, V; SINGH, NK; SINGH, RK
2014Finite element modeling of orthogonal micromachining of anisotropic pyrolytic carbon via damaged plasticityBAJPAI, V; SINGH, RK
2013Free vibration response of functionally graded thick plates with shear and normal deformations effectsJHA, DK; KANT, T; SINGH, RK
2012Higher order shear and normal deformation theory for natural frequency of functionally graded rectangular platesJHA, DK; KANT, T; SINGH, RK
2014A higher-order shear and normal deformation functionally graded plate model: some recent resultsKANT, T; JHA, DK; SINGH, RK
2012In-situ phase transformation studies of Ni48Mn39In13 melt-spun ribbonsKUMAR, DMR; RAO, DVS; RAO, NVR; RAJA, MM; SINGH, RK; SURESH, KG
2009Investigation of Ethynylfurans Using the Electron Propagator TheorySINGH, RK; MISHRA, MK
2012Investigation of ethynylpyridines using the electron propagator theorySINGH, RK; MISHRA, MK
2009Investigation of reverse micro-EDM process for generating high aspect ratio micro-electrode arraysMASTUD, SA; SINGH, RK; JOSHI, SS
2012Kinematic analysis and design optimisation of a surgical rod cutter for shearing of Ti6Al4V rodsDHAMIJA, L; ANILKUMAR, G; GUHA, A; SINGH, RK
2007Local complex potential based time dependent wave packet approach to calculation of vibrational excitation cross-sections in e-N-2, e-H-2 and e-CO scatteringSARMA, M; SINGH, RK; MISHRA, MK
2014Local impact effects on concrete target due to missile: An empirical and numerical approachRANJAN, R; BANERJEE, S; SINGH, RK; BANERJI, P
2015Modeling Debris Motion in Vibration Assisted Reverse Micro Electrical Discharge Machining Process (R-MEDM)MASTUD, SA; KOTHARI, NS; SINGH, RK; JOSHI, SS
2015Modeling of micro-scale fiber laser hardening process and optimization via statistical approximation of the engineering modelsGUPTA, N; AHIRRAO, SB; PAUL, S; SINGH, RK
2014Modeling of microcrack formation in orthogonal machiningPARLE, D; SINGH, RK; JOSHI, SS; RAVIKUMAR, GVV
2010Novel target bit rate estimation for improved frame level H.264 rate controlMALEWAR, A; SINGH, RK; GADRE, V
2014Optimization of cask for transport of radioactive material under impact loadingSHARMA, K; PAWASKAR, DN; GUHA, A; SINGH, RK
2009An overview of sustainability assessment methodologiesSINGH, RK; MURTY, HR; GUPTA, SK; DIKSHIT, AK
2012An overview of sustainability assessment methodologiesSINGH, RK; MURTY, HR; GUPTA, SK; DIKSHIT, AK