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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The Newly Discovered Parkinson's Disease Associated Finnish Mutation (A53E) Attenuates alpha-Synuclein Aggregation and Membrane BindingGHOSH, D; SAHAY, S; RANJAN, P; SALOT, S; MOHITE, GM; SINGH, PK; DWIVEDI, S; CARVALHO, E; BANERJEE, R; KUMAR, A; MAJI, SK
2008Nitride engineering and the effect of interfaces on charge trap flash performance and reliabilitySANDHYA, C; GANGULY, U; SINGH, KK; SINGH, PK; OLSEN, C; SEUTTER, SM; HUNG, R; CONTI, G; AHMED, K; KRISHNA, N; VASI, J; MAHAPATRA, S
2017Parametric study of factors affecting fluid flow through a fractureSHARMA, KM; ROY, DG; SINGH, PK; SHARMA, LK; SINGH, TN
2013The Parkinson's Disease-Associated H50Q Mutation Accelerates alpha-Synuclein Aggregation in VitroGHOSH, D; MONDAL, M; MOHITE, GM; SINGH, PK; RANJAN, P; ANOOP, A; GHOSH, S; JHA, NN; KUMAR, A; MAJI, SK
2007Partial crystallization of HfO2 for Two-Bit/Four-Level SONOS-Type flash memoryZHANG, G; SAMANTA, SK; SINGH, PK; MA, FJ; YOO, MT; ROH, Y; YOO, WJ
2009Performance and Reliability of Au and Pt Single-Layer Metal Nanocrystal Flash Memory Under NAND (FN/FN) OperationSINGH, PK; HOFMANN, R; SINGH, KK; KRISHNA, N; MAHAPATRA, S
2010Performance and Reliability Study of Single-Layer and Dual-Layer Platinum Nanocrystal Flash Memory Devices Under NAND OperationSINGH, PK; BISHT, G; AULUCK, K; SIVATHEJA, M; HOFMANN, R; SINGH, KK; MAHAPATRA, S
2016Prediction of compressive strength and elastic modulus of carbonate rocksMADHUBABU, N; SINGH, PK; KAINTHOLA, A; MAHANTA, B; TRIPATHY, A; SINGH, TN
2015Prediction of Strength Parameters of Himalayan Rocks: A Statistical and ANFIS ApproachKAINTHOLA, A; SINGH, PK; VERMA, D; SINGH, R; SARKAR, K; SINGH, TN
2009Recent advances in charge trap flash memoriesSANDHYA, C; SINGH, PK; GUPTA, S; ROHRA, H; SHIVATHEJA, M; GANGULY, U; HOFMANN, R; MUKHOPADHYAY, G; MAHAPATRA, S; VASI, J
2009Reliability of single and dual layer Pt Nanocrystal devices for NAND flash applications : a 2-region model for endurance defect generationSINGH, PK; BISHT, G; SIVATHEJA, M; SANDHYA, C; MUKHOPADHYAY, G; MAHAPATRA, S; HOFMANN, R; SINGH, K; KRISHNA, N
2015Rock mass assessment along the right bank of river Sutlej, Luhri, Himachal Pradesh, IndiaSINGH, PK; KAINTHOLA, A; SINGH, TN
2016Rockfall analysis along transportation corridors in high hill slopesSINGH, PK; KAINTHOLA, A; PANTHEE, S; SINGH, TN
2015Self healing hydrogels composed of amyloid nano fibrils for cell culture and stem cell differentiationJACOB, RS; GHOSH, D; SINGH, PK; BASU, SK; JHA, NN; DAS, S; SUKUL, PK; PATIL, S; SATHAYE, S; KUMAR, A; CHOWDHURY, A; MALIK, S; SEN, S; MAJI, SK
2017Slope failure in stratified rocks: a case from NE Himalaya, IndiaSINGH, PK; SINGH, KK; SINGH, TN
2016Stability analysis of potential failure zones along NH-305, IndiaMAHANTA, B; SINGH, HO; SINGH, PK; KAINTHOLA, A; SINGH, TN
2013The stability of road cut cliff face along SH-121: a case studySINGH, PK; WASNIK, AB; KAINTHOLA, A; SAZID, M; SINGH, TN
2015Structure based aggregation studies reveal the presence of helix-rich intermediate during alpha-Synuclein aggregationGHOSH, D; SINGH, PK; SAHAY, S; JHA, NN; JACOB, RS; SEN, S; KUMAR, A; RIEK, R; MAJI, SK
2012Study of charge distribution and charge loss in dual-layer metal-nanocrystal-embedded high-kappa/SiO2 gate stackLWIN, ZZ; PEY, KL; ZHANG, Q; BOSMAN, M; LIU, Q; GAN, CL; SINGH, PK; MAHAPATRA, S
2012Temperature-dependent relaxation current on single and dual layer Pt metal nanocrystal-based Al2O3/SiO2 gate stackCHEN, YN; GOH, KEJ; WU, X; LWIN, ZZ; SINGH, PK; MAHAPATRA, S; PEY, KL