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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Electronic and vibrational spectroscopic investigation of phenylacetylene - Amine complexes. Evidence for the diversity in the intermolecular structuresSINGH, PC; PATWARI, GN
2008Infrared-optical double-resonance measurements on O-H center dot center dot center dot H-Ge dihydrogen-bonded phenol-triethylgermanium hydride complex in the gas phaseSINGH, PC; MAITY, DK; PATWARI, GN
2008IR-UV double resonance spectroscopic investigation of phenylacetylene-alcohol complexes. Alkyl group induced hydrogen bond switchingSINGH, PC; PATWARI, GN
2007Proton affinity correlations between hydrogen and dihydrogen bond acceptorsSINGH, PC; PATWARI, GN
2008Structure of the phenylacetylene - Water complex as revealed by infrared-ultraviolet double resonance spectroscopySINGH, PC; BANDYOPADHYAY, B; PATWARI, GN
2006Theoretical investigation of C-H center dot center dot center dot H-B dihydrogen bonded complexes of acetylenes with borane-trimethylamineSINGH, PC; PATWARI, GN
2007Theoretical investigation of in-plane hydrogen-bonded complexes of ammonia with partially substituted fluorobenzenesSINGH, PC; RAY, M; PATWARI, GN
2011Theoretical study of C-H center dot center dot center dot H-B dihydrogen bonded complexes between inert molecules FNgCCH (Ng = Ar and Kr) and borane-aminesSINGH, PC
2008Water complexes of styrene and 4-fluorostyrene: A combined electronic, vibrational spectroscopic and ab-initio investigationSINGH, PC; MAITY, S; PATWARI, GN