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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1988Derivatives of substituted propionic-acid as antiinflammatory agentsSINGH, P; HINGORANI, LL; TRIVEDI, GK
2014Development of 3 kW at 325 MHz solid-state RF power amplifier using four power amplifier modulesRAMARAO, BV; SONAL, S; MISHRA, JK; PANDE, M; SINGH, P; KUMAR, G; MUKHERJEE, J
2014Dynamic Calibration and Validation of an Accelerometer Force Balance for Hypersonic Lifting ModelsSINGH, P; TRIVEDI, S; MENEZES, V; HOSSEINI, H
2015Effects of high energy proton implantation on the optical and electrical properties of In(Ga)as/GaAs QD heterostructures with variations in the capping layerUPADHYAY, S; MANDAL, A; GHADI, H; PAL, D; BASU, A; AGARWAL, A; SUBRAHMANYAM, NBV; SINGH, P; CHAKRABARTI, S
2014Environmental footprint of cooking fuels: a life cycle assessment of ten fuel sources used in Indian householdsSINGH, P; GUNDIMEDA, H; STUCKI, M
2010HMBA depolymerizes microtubules, activates mitotic checkpoints and induces mitotic block in MCF-7 cells by binding at the colchicine site in tubulinCHATTERJI, BP; BANERJEE, M; SINGH, P; PANDA, D
2015Impulse Force Balance for Ultrashort Duration Hypersonic Test FacilitiesSINGH, P; MENEZES, V; IRIMPAN, KJ; HOSSEINI, H
2012Intramolecular C-C coupling of 2,6-disubstituted-1-bromoaryls for dihydrophenanthridinesSINGH, VP; SINGH, P; SINGH, HB; BUTCHER, RJ
2012Investigation of serum proteome alterations in human glioblastoma multiformeGOLLAPALLI, K; RAY, S; SRIVASTAVA, R; RENU, D; SINGH, P; DHALI, S; DIKSHIT, JB; SRIKANTH, R; MOIYADI, A; SRIVASTAVA, S
2008Microtubule assembly dynamics: an attractive target for anticancer drugsSINGH, P; RATHINASAMY, K; MOHAN, R; PANDA, D
2013More than one order enhancement in peak detectivity (D*) for quantum dot infrared photodetectors implanted with low energy light ions (H-)MANDAL, A; AGARWAL, A; GHADI, H; KUMARI, KCG; BASU, A; SUBRAHMANYAM, NBV; SINGH, P; CHAKRABARTI, S
2015An offset tone based gain stabilization technique for mixed-signal RF measurement systemsJOSHI, G; MOTIWALA, PD; RANDALE, GD; SINGH, P; AGARWAL, V; KUMAR, G
2013Plumbagin inhibits cytokinesis in Bacillus subtilis by inhibiting FtsZ assembly - a mechanistic study of its antibacterial activityBHATTACHARYA, A; JINDAL, B; SINGH, P; DATTA, A; PANDA, D
2009Promoting assembly and bundling of FtsZ as a strategy to inhibit bacterial cell division: a new approach for developing novel antibacterial drugsBEURIA, TK; SINGH, P; SUROLIA, A; PANDA, D
2013Proposed mechanism to represent the suppression of dark current density by four orders with low energy light ion (H-) implantation in quaternary alloy-capped InAs/GaAs quantum dot infrared photodetectorsMANDAL, A; GHADI, H; MATHUR, KL; BASU, A; SUBRAHMANYAM, NBV; SINGH, P; CHAKRABARTI, S
2012A Rhodanine Derivative CCR-11 Inhibits Bacterial Proliferation by Inhibiting the Assembly and GTPase Activity of FtsZSINGH, P; JINDAL, B; SUROLIA, A; PANDA, D
2012Selenadiazolopyridine: A Synthon for Supramolecular Assembly and Complexes with Metallophilic InteractionsMUKHERJEE, G; SINGH, P; GANGURI, C; SHARMA, S; SINGH, HB; GOEL, N; SINGH, UP; BUTCHER, RJ
2011Study of automatic recovery on the metal nanocrystal-based Al(2)O(3)/SiO(2) gate stackCHEN, YN; PEY, KL; GOH, KEJ; LWIN, ZZ; SINGH, P; MAHAPATRA, S
Showing results 11 to 30 of 34
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