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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Pariser-Parr-Pople Model Based Investigation of Ground and Low-Lying Excited States of Long AcenesCHAKRABORTY, H; SHUKLA, A
2017Photoabsorption in sodium clusters: first principles configuration interaction calculationsPRIYA, PK; RAI, DK; SHUKLA, A
2005Photoinduced absorption in disubstituted polyacetylenes: Comparison of theory with experimentsSONY, P; SHUKLA, A
2008Photophysics of charge-transfer excitons in thin films of pi-conjugated polymersWANG, ZD; MAZUMDAR, S; SHUKLA, A
2017Pre-charging of module capacitors of MMC when the module switches are driven by a source derived from the module capacitorJOSHI, SD; CHANDORKAR, MC; SHUKLA, A
2010Probing Aromaticity of Borozene Through Optical and Dielectric Response: A Theoretical StudySAHU, S; SHUKLA, A
2015A Survey on Hybrid Circuit-Breaker TopologiesSHUKLA, A; DEMETRIADES, GD
2003Theory of excited-state absorption in phenylene-based pi-conjugated polymersSHUKLA, A; GHOSH, H; MAZUMDAR, S
2015Theory of linear optical absorption in diamond-shaped graphene quantum dotsBASAK, T; CHAKRABORTY, H; SHUKLA, A
2004Theory of nonlinear optical properties of phenyl-substituted polyacetylenesSHUKLA, A
2015Theory of Singlet Fission in Polyenes, Acene Crystals, and Covalently Linked Acene DimersARYANPOUR, K; SHUKLA, A; MAZUMDAR, S
2011Theory of the electro-optical properties of graphene nanoribbonsGUNDRA, K; SHUKLA, A
2014Theory of triplet optical absorption in oligoacenes: From naphthalene to heptaceneCHAKRABORTY, H; SHUKLA, A
2016Three-winding transformer based asymmetrical dual active bridge converterJAKKA, VNSR; SHUKLA, A; DEMETRIADES, G
2011Unit cell dependence of optical matrix elements in tight-binding theory: The case of zigzag graphene nanoribbonsGUNDRA, K; SHUKLA, A
2017Variable Slope Trapezoidal Reference Signal Based Control for a DC Fault Tolerant Hybrid Modular Multilevel Converter With Cascaded Full BridgesGHAT, MB; SHUKLA, A; MISHRA, R