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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Effect of incorporation of CdS NPs on performance of PTB7: PCBM organic solar cellsSHARMA, R; BHALERAO, S; GUPTA, D
2016Effects of five membered aromatic heterocycles at the meso-position on the electronic properties of 3-pyrrolyl BODIPYSHARMA, R; LAKSHMI, V; CHATTERJEE, T; RAVIKANTH, M
2014Effects of incorporation of copper sulfide nanocrystals on the performance of P3HT: PCBM based inverted solar cellsGOLLU, SR; SHARMA, R; SRINIVAS, G; KUNDU, S; GUPTA, D
2017Efficient light trapping and interface engineering for performance enhancement in PTB7-Th: PC70BM organic solar cellsBORSE, K; SHARMA, R; SAGAR, HP; REDDY, PA; GUPTA, D; YELLA, A
2017An efficient way to achieve high ionic conductivity and electrochemical stability of safer nonaflate anion-based ionic liquid gel polymer electrolytes (ILGPEs) for rechargeable lithium ion batteriesKARUPPASAMY, K; REDDY, PA; SRINIVAS, G; SHARMA, R; TEWARI, A; KUMAR, GH; GUPTA, D
2016Electrochemical and cycling performances of novel nonafluorobutanesulfonate (nonaflate) ionic liquid based ternary gel polymer electrolyte membranes for rechargeable lithium ion batteriesKARUPPASAMY, K; REDDY, PA; SRINIYAS, G; TEWARI, A; SHARMA, R; SHAJAN, XS; GUPTA, D
2017An enhanced electrochemical and cycling properties of novel boronic Ionic liquid based ternary gel polymer electrolytes for rechargeable Li/LiCoO2 cellsKARUPPASAMY, K; KIM, HS; KIM, D; VIKRAMAN, D; PRASANNA, K; KATHALINGAM, A; SHARMA, R; RHEE, HW
2015Enhancing the branching ratios in the dissociation channels for (OOO18)-O-16-O-16 molecule by designing optimum laser pulses: A study using stochastic optimizationTALUKDER, S; SEN, S; SHANDILYA, BK; SHARMA, R; CHAUDHURY, P; ADHIKARI, S
2016Evaluation of technical and financial benefits of battery-based energy storage systems in distribution networksDEEBA, SR; SHARMA, R; SAHA, TK; CHAKRABORTY, D; THOMAS, A
2017Ga-doped ZnO as an electron transport layer for PffBT4T-20D: PC70BM organic solar cellsSHARMA, R; LEE, H; BORSE, K; GUPTA, V; JOSHI, AG; YOO, S; GUPTA, D
2013GaAs metal-oxide-semiconductor based nonvolatile memory devices embedded with ZnO quantum dotsKUNDU, S; GOLLU, SR; SHARMA, R; HALDER, NN; BISWAS, P; BANERJI, P; GUPTA, D
2016Hematite-rich concretions from Mesoproterozoic Vindhyan sandstone in northern India: a terrestrial Martian 'blueberries' analogue with a differencePATI, JK; PRUSETH, KL; CHATTERJEE, RS; PATEL, SC; PRAKASH, K; CHAKARVORTY, M; SINGH, RP; BHUSHAN, R; MALVIYA, VP; SHARMA, R; RAY, PKC
2017Heteroatom-Containing Porphyrin AnaloguesCHATTERJEE, T; SHETTI, VS; SHARMA, R; RAYIKANTH, M
2016High singlet oxygen production and negative solvatochromism of octabrominated 3-pyrrolyl boron dipyrromethenesSHARMA, R; GOBEZE, HB; CHATTERJEE, T; KARR, PA; D'SOUZA, F; RAVIKANTH, M
2016Incorporation of silver and gold nanostructures for performance improvement in P3HT: PCBM inverted solar cell with rGO/ZnO nanocomposite as an electron transport layerGOLLU, SR; SHARMA, R; SRINIVAS, G; KUNDU, S; GUPTA, D
2015Incorporation of SiO2 dielectric nanoparticles for performance enhancement in P3HT:PCBM inverted organic solar cellsGOLLU, SR; SHARMA, R; SRINIVAS, G; KUNDU, S; GUPTA, D
2004Influence of chemical oxygen demand/total Kjeldahl nitrogen ratio and sludge age on nitrification of nitrogenous wastewaterSHARMA, R; GUPTA, SK
2016Insights into functional and evolutionary analysis of carbaryl metabolic pathway from Pseudomonas sp strain C5ppTRIVEDI, VD; JANGIR, PK; SHARMA, R; PHALE, PS
2012Insights into the binding of the drugs diclofenac sodium and cefotaxime sodium to serum albumin: Calorimetry and spectroscopySHARMA, R; CHOUDHARY, S; KISHORE, N