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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014CFD Study on Thermal Performance of Radiators in a Power Transformer: Effect of Blowing Direction and Offset of FansPARAMANE, SB; JOSHI, K; VAN DER VEKEN, W; SHARMA, A
2012Computation of feed-paths for casting solidification using level-set-methodSUTARIA, M; GADA, VH; SHARMA, A; RAVI, B
2009Conformational and Isomeric Preferences of Six-Membered Inorganic Heterocycles [EtNP(E)(OR)](3) (E = Lone Pair, O, S, or Se): A Synthetic, Spectroscopic, Structural, and Computational StudyMURUGAVEL, R; PRABUSANKAR, G; SHARMA, A; SUNOJ, RB; BUTCHER, RJ
2008Consistent implementation and comparison of FOU, CD, SOU, and QUICK convection schemes on square, skew, trapezoidal, and triangular lid-driven cavity flowPARAMANE, SB; SHARMA, A
2011Development and annealing of colloidal multilayer structures of silica microspheresGATHANIA, AK; DHIMAN, N; SHARMA, A; SINGH, BP
2011Drug discovery against H1N1 virus (influenza A virus) via computational virtual screening approachSHARMA, A; TENDULKAR, AV; WANGIKAR, PP
2014A dual grid level set method based study of interface-dynamics for a liquid jet injected upwards into another liquidLAKDAWALA, AM; GADA, VH; SHARMA, A
2012Effect of surface groups on the luminescence property of ZnO nanoparticles synthesized by sol-gel routeSHARMA, A; SINGH, BP; DHAR, S; GONDORF, A; SPASOVA, M
2006Effects of Reynolds and Prandtl numbers on heat transfer across a square cylinder in the steady flow regimeDHIMAN, AK; CHHABRA, RP; SHARMA, A; ESWARAN, V
2010Finding putative drug against H1N1 virus (influenza a virus) by computational virtual screening approachSHARMA, A; REDDY, KR; WANGIKAR, P; TEDULKAR, AV
2012Flow around six in-line square cylindersSEWATKAR, CM; PATEL, R; SHARMA, A; AGRAWAL, A
2012A Generalized Three-Stage Mechanism of ZnO Nanoparticle Formation in Homogeneous Liquid MediumLAYEK, A; MISHRA, G; SHARMA, A; SPASOVA, M; DHAR, S; CHOWDHURY, A; BANDYOPADHYAYA, R
2010Heat and fluid flow across a rotating cylinder dissipating uniform heat flux in 2D laminar flow regimePARAMANE, SB; SHARMA, A
2012Influence of Tb doping on the luminescence characteristics of ZnO nanoparticlesSHARMA, A; DHAR, S; SINGH, BP; KUNDU, T; SPASOVA, M; FARLE, M
2011Influence of Tb incorporation on the structural and the optical properties of ZnO nanoparticlesSHARMA, A; DHAR, S; SINGH, BP; KUNDU, T
2000Large-amplitude limit cycles via a homoclinic bifurcation mechanismSHARMA, A; ANANTHKRISHNAN, N
2013A Novel Level Set-Based Immersed-Boundary Method for CFD Simulation of Moving-Boundary ProblemsSHRIVASTAVA, M; AGRAWAL, A; SHARMA, A
2009Numerical investigation of heat and fluid flow across a rotating circular cylinder maintained at constant temperature in 2-D laminar flow regimePARAMANE, SB; SHARMA, A
2011On a Novel Dual-Grid Level-Set Method for Two-Phase Flow SimulationGADA, VH; SHARMA, A
Showing results 5 to 24 of 47
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