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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Rare [(NHC)(2)Ni-OH]-Type Terminal Nickel Hydroxo and [(NHC)(2)Ni]-Type Complexes of N/O-Functionalized N-Heterocyclic Carbenes as Precatalysts for Highly Desirable Base-Free Michael Reactions in Air at Ambient TemperatureSAMANTARAY, MK; SHAIKH, MM; GHOSH, P
2009Role of the orientation of -OH groups in the sensitivity and selectivity of the interaction of M(2+) with ribosyl- and galactosyl-imino-conjugatesSINGHAL, NK; MITRA, A; RAJSEKHAR, G; SHAIKH, MM; KUMAR, S; GUIONNEAU, P; RAO, CP
2008Shorter argentophilic interaction than aurophilic interaction in a pair of dimeric {(nhc)mcl}(2) (m= ag, au) complexes supported over a n/o-functionalized n-heterocyclic carbene (nhc) ligandRAY, L; SHAIKH, MM; GHOSH, P
2014Step-by-step transformations of ferrocenyltellurium complexes of Group VIB metal carbonylsMATHUR, P; TAUQEER, M; TORUBAEV, YV; SHAIKH, MM; LAHIRI, GK; PASYNSKII, AA; PAVLOVA, AV
2008Structural and functional mimic of galactose oxidase by a copper complex of a sterically demanding [N2O2] ligandJOHN, A; SHAIKH, MM; GHOSH, P
2016Synthesis and Structural Characterization of the Gold Complexes of 1,2,4-Triazole Derived N-Heterocyclic Carbene LigandsKUMAR, A; GANGWAR, MK; SHAIKH, MM; GHOSH, P
2015Synthesis, molecular structures, Mossbauer and electrochemical investigation of ferrocenyltelluride derivatives: (Fc(2)Te(2))Fe(CO)(3)I-2 [(CO)(3)IFe(mu-TeFc)](2), CpFe(CO)(2)TeFc, CpFe(CO)(2)TeX(2)Fc (X = Br, I) and CpFe(CO)(2)(mu-TeFc)Fe(CO)(3)I-2TORUBAEV, YV; PASYNSKII, AA; PAVLOVA, AV; TAUQEER, M; HERBER, RH; NOWIK, I; SKABITSKII, IV; DENISOV, GL; GRINBERG, VA; MATHUR, P; SHAIKH, MM; LAHIRI, GK
2010Titanium isopropoxide complexes of a series of sterically demanding aryloxo based [N(2)O(2)](2-) ligands as precatalysts for ethylene polymerizationPANDA, MK; KAUR, S; REDDY, AR; SHAIKH, MM; BUTCHER, RJ; GUPTA, V; GHOSH, P
2008Unprecedented long-range 1,7-bromination in gold complexes of N-(aryl) imino functionalized N-heterocyclic carbenesSAMANTARAY, MK; PANG, KL; SHAIKH, MM; GHOSH, P