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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Fluorescent manganese-doped zinc sulphide nanoparticles for spectral shiftingSEN, S; SHARMA, P; SOLANKI, CS; BANDYOPADHYAYA, R
1999Growth and paraconductivity of Tl2Ba2CaCu2O8+x single crystalsCHOWDHURY, P; BHATIA, SN; SEN, S; MUTHE, KP
2007Heuristics for constructing Bayesian Network based geospatial ontologiesSEN, S; KRUGER, A
2012Influence of cell spreading and contractility on stiffness measurements using AFMVICHARE, S; INAMDAR, MM; SEN, S
2016Internal electric fields in small water clusters [(H2O)n; n=2-6]SEN, S; BODA, M; LATA, SV; PATWARI, GN
2016Membrane Vesicles of Group B Streptococcus Disrupt Feto-Maternal Barrier Leading to Preterm BirthSURVE, MV; ANIL, A; KAMATH, KG; BHUTDA, S; STHANAM, LK; PRADHAN, A; SRIVASTAVA, R; BASU, B; DUTTA, S; SEN, S; MODI, D; BANERJEE, A
2017MMP proteolytic activity regulates cancer invasiveness by modulating integrinsDAS, A; MONTEIRO, M; BARAI, A; KUMAR, S; SEN, S
2015Octanuclear Zinc Phosphates with Hitherto Unknown Cluster Architectures: Ancillary Ligand and Solvent Assisted Structural Transformations ThereofDAR, AA; SEN, S; GUPTA, SK; PATWARI, GN; MURUGAVEL, R
2009On the Feasibility of the Link Abstraction in Wireless Mesh NetworksRAMAN, B; CHEBROLU, K; GOKHALE, D; SEN, S
2007Optimal learning of ontology mappings from human interactionsSEN, S; FERNANDES, D; SARDA, NL
2014Parametric optimisation of core-shell ZnS:Mn/ZnS nanoparticles prepared by ultrasound-controlled wet chemical routeSEN, S; SOLANKI, CS; SHARMA, P
2015Phosphorylation of Nonmuscle myosin II-A regulatory light chain resists Sendai virus fusion with host cellsDAS, P; SAHA, S; CHANDRA, S; DAS, A; DEY, SK; DAS, MR; SEN, S; SARKAR, DP; JANA, SS
2017pi-Stacked Dimers of Fluorophenylacetylenes: Role of Dipole MomentMONDAL, SI; SEN, S; HAZRA, A; PATWARI, GN
2014Probing Cellular Mechanoadaptation Using Cell-Substrate De-Adhesion Dynamics: Experiments and ModelSOUMYA, SS; STHANAM, LK; PADINHATEERI, R; INAMDAR, MM; SEN, S
2015The propargylbenzene dimer: C-H center dot center dot center dot pi assisted pi-pi stackingKUNDU, A; SEN, S; PATWARI, GN
2016Proteolytic and non-proteolytic regulation of collective cell invasion: tuning by ECM density and organizationKUMAR, S; KAPOOR, A; DESAI, S; INAMDAR, MM; SEN, S
1999Role of density of states in the fluctuation conductivity of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 and Tl2Ba2CaCu2O8 single crystalsCHOWDHURY, P; BHATIA, SN; SEN, S; MUTHE, KP
2010Role of spacer in single- or two-step FRET: studies in the presence of two connected cryptands with properly chosen. uorophoresSADHU, KK; CHATTERJEE, S; SEN, S; BHARADWAJ, PK
2013Selective bond breaking mediated by state specific vibrational excitation in model HOD molecule through optimized femtosecond IR pulse: A simulated annealing based approachSHANDILYA, BK; SEN, S; SAHOO, T; TALUKDER, S; CHAUDHURY, P; ADHIKARI, S
2014Selective fluorescence sensing of polynitroaromatic explosives using triaminophenylbenzene scaffoldsVISHNOI, P; WALAWALKAR, MG; SEN, S; DATTA, A; PATWARI, GN; MURUGAVEL, R