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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Tertiary butylation of phenol over mesoporous H-FeMCM-41BADAMALI, SK; SAKTHIVEL, A; SELVAM, P
2004Tertiary butylation of phenol over mesoporous MeMCM-48 and MeMCM-41 (Me = Ga, Fe, Al or B) solid acid catalystsSELVAM, P; DAPURKAR, SE
2004Theoretical calculations on electronic structure and catalytic reaction of organo-f-element complexesLUO, Y; SELVAM, P; KOYAMA, M; KUBO, M; MIYAMOTO, A
2004A theoretical study on the cyclopropane adsorption onto the copper surfaces by density functional theory and quantum chemical molecular dynamics methodsWANG, XJ; SELVAM, P; LV, C; KUBO, M; MIYAMOTO, A
2006Thermally stable trivalent iron-substituted hexagonal mesoporous aluminophosphate (FeHMA) molecular sieves: Synthesis, characterization, and catalytic propertiesSELVAM, P; MOHAPATRA, SK
2005Tight-binding quantum chemical molecular dynamics method: a novel approach to the understanding and design of new materials and catalystsSELVAM, P; TSUBOI, H; KOYAMA, M; KUBO, M; MIYAMOTO, A
2003Titanium substituted hexagonal mesoporous aluminophosphates: Highly efficient and selective heterogeneous catalysts for the oxidation of phenols at room temperatureMOHAPATRA, SK; HUSSAIN, F; SELVAM, P
2005Transition metal (Cu, Cr, and V) modified MCM-41 for the catalytic wet air oxidation of anilineGOMES, HT; SELVAM, P; DAPURKAR, SE; FIGUEIREDO, JL; FARIA, JL
2006Transition-metal (Ti,V,Cr,Mn,Fe,Co,Cu) containing ordered nanoporous materials: Novel heterogeneous catalysts for selective oxidation reactionsSELVAM, P; PAULOSE, TAP
2004Uranyl-anchored MCM-41 as a highly efficient photocatalyst for the complete oxidation of methanol under sunlightVIDYA, K; KAMBLE, VS; SELVAM, P; GUPTA, NM
2008Uranyl-anchored MCM-41 as a highly efficient photocatalyst in the oxidative destruction of short chain linear alkanes: An in situ FTIR studyKRISHNA, V; KAMBLE, VS; GUPTA, NM; SELVAM, P
1997The valence state of M-ions in the chemically stabilized YSr(2)Cu(3-x)M(x)O(7+delta) (M=Mo, W and Re) superconductorsMURUGESAN, M; SELVAM, P; SHARON, M; GUPTA, LC; PINTO, R; GOPINATH, CS; SUBRAMANIAN, S
2005Vapor-phase photocatalytic oxidation of volatile organic compounds over novel uranyl-anchored MCM-41 heterogeneous catalystVIDYA, K; KAMBLE, VS; GUPTA, NM; SELVAM, P
2002Vapor-phase tertiary butylation of phenol over mesoporous gallosilicate molecular sievesSAKTHIVEL, A; SELVAM, P
2001Vapour phase tertiary butylation of phenol over sulfated zirconia catalystSAKTHIVEL, A; SARITHA, N; SELVAM, P
1997X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic study of the oxide film on an aluminum-tin alloy in 3.5% sodium chloride solutionVENUGOPAL, A; VELUCHAMY, P; SELVAM, P; MINOURA, H; RAJA, VS
1998XANES study of superconducting Lu0.7Ca0.3Ba2Cu3O7-alpha annealed in argon, air and oxygenPADALIA, BD; GUPTA, S; PRAKASH, OM; GNANASEKAR, KI; KEER, HV; SELVAM, P; SATHE, VG; PIMPALE, AV