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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Allylic oxidation of cyclohexene over chromium containing mesoporous molecular sievesSAKTHIVEL, A; DAPURKAR, SE; SELVAM, P
2001Annealing effects in (Hg,Cr)Sr2CuO4+delta: Transport and X-ray absorption studiesBALAMURUGAN, S; GUPTA, S; PADALIA, BD; PRAKASH, O; GOPALAKRISHNAN, IK; YAKHMI, JV; SELVAM, P
1997Anomalous Auger electron spectroscopy results of chemical vapor deposited diamond (111) and (100) surfacesSHARDA, T; MISRA, DS; SEIBT, EW; SELVAM, P
2004Catalytic activity of highly ordered mesoporous VMCM-48SELVAM, P; DAPURKAR, SE
2004Catalytic hydrodehalogenation of aryl halides, reduction of nitroarenes and reductive cleavage of azo compounds over mesoporous PdMCM-41 molecular sieves under transfer hydrogenation conditionsSELVAM, P; MOHAPATRA, SK; SONAVANE, SU; JAYARAM, R
2002Catalytic oxidation of alkylaromatics over mesoporous (Cr)MCM-41SAKTHIVEL, A; BADAMALI, SK; SELVAM, P
2003Catalytic transfer hydrogenation of nitro and carbonyl compounds over novel Fe(III) substituted hexagonal mesoporous aluminophosphatesSONAVANE, SU; MOHAPATRA, SK; JAYARAM, RV; SELVAM, P
1999Chemical stabilization of 1201-type Hg-Sr based cuprate superconductorsBALAMURUGAN, S; GOPALAKRISHNAN, IK; YAKHMI, JV; SELVAM, P
1998Chemical vapour deposition of diamond on stainless steel: the effect of Ni-diamond composite coated buffer layerSIKDER, AK; SHARDA, T; MISRA, DS; CHANDRASEKARAM, D; SELVAM, P
2004Chemo- and regioselective reduction of nitroarenes, carbonyls and azo dyes over nickel-incorporated hexagonal mesoporous aluminophosphate molecular sievesSELVAM, P; MOHAPATRA, SK; SONAVANE, SU; JAYARAM, RV
2004Chemoselective reduction of alpha,beta-unsaturated carbonyls over novel mesoporous CoHMA molecular sieves under hydrogen transfer conditionsSELVAM, P; SONAVANE, SU; MOHAPATRA, SK; JAYARAM, RV
2001Coexistence of paramagnetic and superparamagnetic Fe(III) in mesoporous MCM-41 silicatesSELVAM, P; DAPURKAR, SE; BADAMALI, SK; MURUGASAN, M; KUWANO, H
1999A convenient synthesis of alkyl substituted p-benzoquinones from phenols and H2O2 over TiAPO-5 molecular sieve catalystMAHALINGAM, RJ; SELVAM, P
1999Diamond deposition on Ni/Ni-diamond coated stainless steel substrateSIKDER, AK; SHARDA, T; MISRA, DS; CHANDRASEKARAM, D; VELUCHAMY, P; MINOURA, H; SELVAM, P
2005The effect of vanadium sources on the synthesis and catalytic activity of VMCM-41SELVAM, P; DAPURKAR, SE
2002Encapsulation, characterization and catalytic properties of uranyl ions in mesoporous molecular sievesVIDYA, K; DAPURKAR, SE; SELVAM, P; BADAMALI, SK; KUMAR, D; GUPTA, NM
1997Enhanced J(c) and improved grain-boundary properties in Ag-doped YBa2Cu3O7-delta filmsSELVAM, P; SEIBT, EW; KUMAR, D; PINTO, R; APTE, PR
1995Enhanced j(c) of yba2cu3o7-x-ag ex-situ annealed coevaporated films on laalo3(100) substrates - commentSELVAM, P
2001The entrapment of UO22+ in mesoporous MCM-41 and MCM-48 molecular sievesVIDYA, K; DAPURKAR, SE; SELVAM, P; BADAMALI, SK; GUPTA, NM
2007Fresh and calcined supported 12-tungstosilicicacid: Synthesis, characterization and application to some acid catalyzed reactionsBHATT, N; PATEL, A; SELVAM, P; SIDHPURIA, K