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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Di-tert-butyl phosphate as synthon for metal phosphate materials via single-source coordination polymers [M(dtbP)(2)](n) (M = Mn, Cu) and [Cd(dtbP)(2)(H(2)O)](n) (dtbp-H = (tBuO)(2)P(O)OH)SATHIYENDIRAN, M; MURUGAVEL, R
2001Di-tert-butyl phosphate complexes of cobalt(II) and zinc(II) as precursors for ceramic M(PO(3))(2) and M(2)P(2)O(7) materials: Synthesis, spectral characterization, structural studies, and role of auxiliary ligandsMURUGAVEL, R; SATHIYENDIRAN, M; WALAWALKAR, MG
2001Di-tert-butylphosphate complexes of Mn(II) and Cu(II) as single-source precursors for metal phosphate materialsMURUGAVEL, R; SATHIYENDIRAN, M
2000Extended metal-organic solids based on benzenepolycarboxylic and aminobenzoic acidsMURUGAVEL, R; ANANTHARAMAN, G; KRISHNAMURTHY, D; SATHIYENDIRAN, M; WALAWALKAR, MG
2004Monomeric, tetrameric, and polymeric copper di-tert-butyl phosphate complexes containing pyridine ancillary ligandsMURUGAVEL, R; SATHIYENDIRAN, M; POTHIRAJA, R; WALAWALKAR, MG; MALLAH, T; RIVIERE, E
2005Non-interpenetrating transition metal diorganophosphate 2-dimensional rectangular grids from their 1-dimensional wires: structural, transformations under mild conditionsPOTHIRAJA, R; SATHIYENDIRAN, M; BUTCHER, RJ; MURUGAVEL, R
2003O-H Bond elongation in co-ordinated water through intramolecular P = O center dot center dot center dot H-O bonding. 'Snap-shots' in phosphate ester hydrolysisMURUGAVEL, R; SATHIYENDIRAN, M; POTHIRAJA, R; BUTCHER, RJ
2015Steric group enforced aromatic cyclic trimer conformer in tripodal moleculesSATHIYASHIVAN, SD; SHANKAR, B; RAJAKANNU, P; VISHNOI, P; MASRAM, DT; SATHIYENDIRAN, M