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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Energetics of beta-turn formation in a mutant peptide YPGDV from influenza hemagglutinin: an MD simulation studySHUKLA, RT; SASIDHAR, YU
2015Environmental polarity induces conformational transitions in a helical peptide sequence from bacteriophage T4 lysozyme and its tandem duplicate: a molecular dynamics simulation studyKAUR, H; SASIDHAR, YU
2012For the Sequence YKGQ, the Turn and Extended Conformational Forms Are Separated by Small Barriers and the Turn Propensity Persists Even at High Temperatures: Implications for Protein FoldingKAUR, H; SASIDHAR, YU
2017Impact of Turn Propensity on the Folding Rates of Z34C Protein: Implications for the Folding of Helix-Turn-Helix MotifGUPTA, S; SASIDHAR, YU
2005Insights into the role of the aromatic residue in galactose-binding sites: MP2/6-311G++** study on galactose- and glucose-aromatic residue analogue complexesSUJATHA, MS; SASIDHAR, YU; BALAJI, PV
2007Loop propensity of the sequence YKGQP from staphylococcal nuclease: implications for the folding of nucleasePATEL, S; SASIDHAR, YU
2017Mechanism of Initiation, Association, and Formation of Amyloid Fibrils Modeled with the N-Terminal Peptide Fragment, IKYLEFIS, of Myoglobin G-HelixPATEL, S; SASIDHAR, YU; CHARY, KVR
2013Molecular dynamics simulations of certain mutant peptide models from staphylococcal nuclease reveal that initial hydrophobic collapse associated with turn propensity drives -hairpin foldingSHUKLA, RT; KUMAR, N; SASIDHAR, YU
2013Molecular dynamics study of an insertion/duplication mutant of bacteriophage T4 lysozyme reveals the nature of alpha -> beta transition in full protein contextKAUR, H; SASIDHAR, YU
2012Molecular simulation and docking studies of Gal1p and Gal3p proteins in the presence and absence of ligands ATP and galactose: implication for transcriptional activation of GAL genesUPADHYAY, SK; SASIDHAR, YU
1997A pentapeptide model for an early folding step in the refolding of staphylococcal nuclease: The role of its turn propensityRAMAKRISHNA, V; SASIDHAR, YU
2013The role of loop closure propensity in the refolding of Rop protein probed by molecular dynamics simulationsSHUKLA, RT; BALIGA, C; SASIDHAR, YU
2007The sequence TGAAKAVALVL from glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase displays structural ambivalence and interconverts between alpha-helical and beta-hairpin conformations mediated by collapsed conformational statesPATEL, S; BALAJI, PV; SASIDHAR, YU
2008A shorter peptide model from staphylococcal nuclease for the folding-unfolding equilibrium of a beta-hairpin shows that unfolded state has significant contribution from compact conformational statesPATEL, S; SASIDHAR, YU
2007A small tripeptide AFA undergoes two state cooperative conformational transitions: Implications for conformational biases in unfolded statesPATEL, S; TAIMNI, R; SASIDHAR, YU