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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008An Examination of the Expectation Value Profiles for Average Stretch and Momentum in O-H and O-D Bonds of the HOD Molecule To Determine Their Role in Selective PhotodissociationSARMA, M; ADHIKARI, S; MISHRA, MK
2012Investigation of dissociative electron attachment to 2 '-deoxycytidine-3 '-monophosphate using DFT method and time dependent wave packet approachBHOWMICK, S; RENJITH, B; MISHRA, MK; SARMA, M
2009Laser assisted control of selective bond dissociation in HOD - some mechanistic insightsSARMA, M; ADHIKARI, S; MISHRA, MK
2007Local complex potential based time dependent wave packet approach to calculation of vibrational excitation cross-sections in e-N-2, e-H-2 and e-CO scatteringSARMA, M; SINGH, RK; MISHRA, MK
2011Low-Energy Electron-Induced Single Strand Breaks in 2 '-Deoxycytidine-3 '-monophosphate Using the Local Complex Potential Based Time-Dependent Wave Packet ApproachRENJITH, B; BHOWMICK, S; MISHRA, MK; SARMA, M
2008Mechanistic investigation of vibrational fine structure in e-H-2 scattering using local complex potential-based time dependent wave packet approachSARMA, M; ADHIKARI, S; MISHRA, MK
2008Role of photolysis frequency in enhanced selectivity and yield for controlled bond breaking in HODSARMA, M; MISHRA, MK
2007Selective control of HOD photodissociation using CW lasersSARMA, M; ADHIKARI, S; MISHRA, MK
2007Selective photodissociation of O-H and O-D bonds from ground vibrational state of HOD using simple UV pulsesSARMA, M; ADHIKARI, S; MISHRA, MK
2007Simple systematization of vibrational excitation cross-section calculations for resonant electron-molecule scattering in the boomerang and impulse modelsSARMA, M; ADHIKARI, S; MISHRA, MK
2013Time dependent wave packet treatment of (2)pi N-g(2)- and (3)Sigma-NO- shape resonances using two-dimensional surfaces for electron-N-2 and NO interactionsSHANDILYA, BK; SARMA, M; ADHIKARI, S; MISHRA, MK
2012Vibrational excitation resulting from electron capture in LUMO of F-2 and HCl - A treatment using the time-dependent wave packet approachSHANDILYA, BK; SARMA, M; ADHIKARI, S; MISHRA, MK