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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A kaapvaal craton debate: nucleus of an early small supercontinent or affected by an enhanced accretion event?ERIKSSON, PG; BANERJEE, S; NELSON, DR; RIGBY, MJ; CATUNEANU, O; SARKAR, S; ROBERTS, RJ; RUBAN, D; MTIMKULU, MN; RAJU, PVS
2014Li3V2(PO4)(3) Addition to the Olivine Phase: Understanding the Effect in Electrochemical PerformanceSARKAR, S; MITRA, S
2014Lithium Rich Composition of Li2RuO3 and Li2Ru1-xIrxO3 Layered Materials as Li-Ion Battery CathodeSARKAR, S; MAHALE, P; MITRA, S
2000Magnetic phase diagram of weakly pinned type-II superconductorsBANERJEE, SS; RAMAKRISHNAN, S; PAL, D; SARKAR, S; GROVER, AK; RAVIKUMAR, G; MISHRA, PK; RAO, TVC; SAHNI, VC; TOMY, CV; HIGGINS, MJ; BHATTACHARYA, S
2005Microbial mat control on siliciclastic Precambrian sequence stratigraphic architecture: Examples from IndiaSARKAR, S; BANERJEE, S; ERIKSSON, PG; CATUNEANU, O
2014Microbial mat records in siliciclastic rocks: Examples from Four Indian Proterozoic basins and their modern equivalents in Gulf of CambaySARKAR, S; BANERJEE, S; SAMANTA, P; CHAKRABORTY, N; CHAKRABORTY, PP; MUKHOPADHYAY, S; SINGH, AK
2006Microbial mat-induced sedimentary structures in siliciclastic sediments: Examples from the 1.6Ga Chorhat Sandstone, Vindhyan Supergroup, MP, IndiaSARKAR, S; BANERJEE, S; SAMANTA, P; JEEVANKUMAR, S
2014Morphology controlled synthesis of layered NH4V4O10 and the impact of binder on stable high rate electrochemical performanceSARKAR, S; VELURI, PS; MITRA, S
2001Multiple magnetization peaks in weakly pinned Ca3Rh4Sn13 and YBa2Cu3O7-deltaSARKAR, S; PAL, D; PAULOSE, PL; RAMAKRISHNAN, S; GROVER, AK; TOMY, CV; DASGUPTA, D; SARMA, BK; BALAKRISHNAN, G; PAUL, DM
2015Mumbai slums since independence: Evaluating the policy outcomesBARDHAN, R; SARKAR, S; JANA, A; VELAGA, NR
2016Overexpression of human peroxisomal enoyl-CoA delta isomerase2 HsPECI2, an ortholog of bamboo expressed during gregarious flowering alters salinity stress responses and polar lipid content in tobaccoRAI, V; SARKAR, S; SATPATI, S; DEY, N
2001Overview of the meso- to neoproterozoic evolution of the Vindhyan basin, central IndiaBOSE, PK; SARKAR, S; CHAKRABARTY, S; BANERJEE, S
2000Peak effect in Ca3Rh4Sn13: Vortex phase diagram and evidences for stepwise amorphization of flux line latticeSARKAR, S; BANERJEE, SS; GROVER, AK; RAMAKRISHNAN, S; BHATTACHARYA, S; RAVIKUMAR, G; MISHRA, PK; SAHNI, VC; TOMY, CV; PAUL, DM; BALAKRISHNAN, G; HIGGINS, MJ
2014Phase Transition, Electrochemistry, and Structural Studies of High Rate LixV3O8 Cathode with Nanoplate MorphologySARKAR, S; BHOWMIK, A; BHARADWAJ, MD; MITRA, S
2016Preparation, structure study and electrochemistry of layered H2V3O8 materials: High capacity lithium-ion battery cathodeSARKAR, S; BHOWMIK, A; PAN, J; BHARADWAJ, MD; MITRA, S
2007Prime controls on archaean-palaeoproterozoic sedimentation: change over timeERIKSSON, PG; BANERJEE, S; CATUNEANU, O; SARKAR, S; BUMBY, AJ; MTIMKULU, MN
2004Pseudotachylites of the Kui-Chitraseni shear zones of the precambrian Aravalli Motintain, RajasthanBISWAL, TK; SARKAR, S; PAL, A; CHAKRABORTY, U
2006Pulverization of the flux line lattice, the phase coexistence and the spinodal temperature of the order-disorder transition in a weakly pinned crystal of Yb3Rh4Sn13SARKAR, S; TOMY, CV; THAKUR, AD; BALAKRISHNAN, G; PAUL, DM; RAMAKRISHNAN, S; GROVER, AK
2015Rechargeable Sodium-Ion Battery: High-Capacity Ammonium Vanadate Cathode with Enhanced Stability at High RateSARKAR, A; SARKAR, S; SARKAR, T; KUMAR, P; BHARADWAJ, MD; MITRA, S