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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994A note on the microstructures of 3 genera of late oligocene nummulitidae from kutchKUMAR, A; SARASWATI, PK
2012Nummulites solitarius - Nummulites burdigalensis lineage in Kutch with remarks on the age of Naredi FormationSARASWATI, PK; SARKAR, U; BANERJEE, S
2004Ontogenetic isotopic variation in foraminifera - Implications for palaeo proxySARASWATI, PK
2012The origin and maturation of lagoonal glauconites: a case study from the Oligocene Maniyara Fort Formation, western Kutch, IndiaBANERJEE, S; CHATTORAJ, SL; SARASWATI, PK; DASGUPTA, S; SARKAR, U; BUMBY, A
2016Orthophragminids with new axial thickening structures from the Bartonian of the Indian subcontinentOZCAN, E; SARASWATI, PK; HANIF, M; ALI, N
2004Oxygen and carbon isotopic variation in co-existing larger foraminifera from a reef flat at Akajima, Okinawa, JapanSARASWATI, PK; SETO, K; NOMURA, R
2007Oxygen isotopic composition of Albian-Turonian foraminifera from Cauvery Basin, India: Evidence of warm sea-surface temperatureDAS GUPTA, K; SARASWATI, PK; KRAMAR, U; RAVINDRAN, CN; STUBEN, D; BERNER, Z
1992Petrography and geochemistry of the miocene limestone of saurashtra, gujarat, west indiaKUMAR, A; SARASWATI, PK; NAVADA, SV
2011Petrology, palynology and organic geochemistry of Eocene lignite of Matanomadh, Kutch Basin, western India: Implications to depositional environment and hydrocarbon source potentialDUTTA, S; MATHEWS, RP; SINGH, BD; TRIPATHI, SM; SINGH, A; SARASWATI, PK; BANERJEE, S; MANN, U
1994Protoconch size of lepidocyclina (nephrolepidina) - a potential paleoclimatic indicatorSARASWATI, PK; KUMAR, A
2004Report On Second Winter School On Sedimentary Facies And Basin AnalysisSARASWATI, PK; BANERJEE, S
1997Response of larger foraminifera to mixed carbonate-siliciclastic environments: an example from the Oligocene-Miocene sequence of Kutch, IndiaKUMAR, A; SARASWATI, PK
2001Shape analysis of the nucleoconch of Lepidocyclina from Kutch - A taxonomic interpretationMUTHUKRISHNAN, S; SARASWATI, PK
2016Some observations on an atypical planktic foraminifer from the Middle Eocene of Kutch, IndiaKHANOLKAR, S; SARASWATI, PK
2012Substrate control on formation and maturation of glauconites in the Middle Eocene Harudi Formation, western Kutch, IndiaBANERJEE, S; CHATTORAJ, SL; SARASWATI, PK; DASGUPTA, S; SARKAR, U
2007Symbiont-bearing benthic foraminifera of LakshadweepSARASWATI, PK
2007Taxonomic application of classification and regression tree (CART) and random forests (RF): A case study of middle cambrian trilobitesPARCHA, SK; SABNIS, SV; SARASWATI, PK