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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Secondary recrystallization in non-Sag W filament wires - On the possible role of relative grain boundary character distributionSAMAJDAR, I; VERLINDEN, B; WATTE, P; MERTENS, F
2009Sensitization control in AISI 316L(N) austenitic stainless steel: Defining the role of the nature of grain boundaryPARVATHAVARTHINI, N; MULKI, S; DAYAL, RK; SAMAJDAR, I; MANI, KV; RAJ, B
2013Softening of Al during multi-axial forging in a channel dieKAPOOR, R; SARKAR, A; YOGI, R; SHEKHAWAT, SK; SAMAJDAR, I; CHAKRAVARTTY, JK
2011Strain Mode Dependence of Deformation Texture Developments: Microstructural OriginRAVEENDRA, S; KANJARLA, AK; PARANJAPE, H; MISHRA, SK; MISHRA, S; DELANNAY, L; SAMAJDAR, I; VANHOUTTE, P
2007Strontium barium niobate-relating structural developments and dielectric constantPATRO, PK; KHATIRKAR, R; SAMAJDAR, I; KULKARNI, AR; HARENDRANATH, CS
2003Structure-property changes during hardening and tempering of new ultra high strength medium carbon low alloy steelSURESH, MR; SAMAJDAR, I; INGLE, A; BALLAL, NB; RAO, PK; SINHA, PP
2016Study of grain structure evolution during annealing of a twin-roll-cast Mg alloyTRIPATHI, A; SAMAJDAR, I; NIE, JF; TEWARI, A
2009A study of hot deformation behavior and microstructural characterization of Mo-TZM alloyMAJUMDAR, S; KAPOOR, R; RAVEENDRA, S; SINHA, H; SAMAJDAR, I; BHARGAVA, P; CHAKRAVARTTY, JK; SHARMA, IG; SURI, AK
2008Study of texture and microtexture during beta to alpha plus beta transformation in a Ti-5Ta-1.8Nb alloyKARTHIKEYAN, T; DASGUPTA, A; SAROJA, S; KHATIRKAR, R; VIJAYALAKSHMI, M; SAMAJDAR, I
2009A study on preparation of Mo-0.6Ti-0.2Zr-0.02C alloy by mechanical alloying and hot isostatic pressing, and its characterizationMAJUMDAR, S; SHARMA, IG; RAVEENDRA, S; SAMAJDAR, I; BHARGAVA, P; TEWARI, R
2009Study on secondary phase precipitate behavior in Zircaloy-2 by positron annihilation spectroscopyMULKI, S; PUJARI, PK; SRIVASTAVA, D; SAMAJDAR, I; DEY, GK; SHARMA, S
2012Surface working of 304L stainless steel: Impact on microstructure, electrochemical behavior and SCC resistanceACHARYYA, SG; KHANDELWAL, A; KAIN, V; KUMAR, A; SAMAJDAR, I
2017Temperature dependence of work hardening in sparsely twinning zirconiumSINGH, J; MAHESH, S; ROY, S; KUMAR, G; SRIVASTAVA, D; DEY, GK; SAIBABA, N; SAMAJDAR, I
2004Textural and microstructural developments during fabrication of Zr-2.5Nb pressure tubesKUMAR, MK; VANITHA, C; SAMAJDAR, I; DEY, GK; TEWARI, R; SRIVASTAVA, D; BANERJEE, S
2015Texture Development and Plastic Deformation in a Pilgered Zircaloy-4 TubeSINGH, J; MAHESH, S; KUMAR, G; PANT, P; SRIVASTAVA, D; DEY, GK; SAIBABA, N; SAMAJDAR, I
2017Through-Thickness Deformation Gradient in a Part-Pilgered Zirconium Tube: Experimental Measurements and Numerical ValidationKUMAR, G; BALO, S; DHOBLE, A; SINGH, J; SINGH, R; SRIVASTAVA, D; DEY, GK; SAMAJDAR, I