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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Patterns of deformation and associated recrystallization in warm/hot deformed AA6022RAVEENDRA, S; MISHRA, S; WEILAND, H; SAMAJDAR, I
2008Patterns of recrystallization in warm- and hot-deformed AA6022RAVEENDRA, S; MISHRA, S; KRISHNA, KVM; WEILAND, H; SAMAJDAR, I
2015Photoluminescence study on irradiated yttria stabilized zirconiaHALDER, R; SENGUPTA, P; SUDARSAN, V; GHOSH, A; GHOSH, A; BHUKTA, A; SHARMA, G; SAMAJDAR, I; DEY, GK
2016Plastic deformation and corrosion in austenitic stainless steel: A novel approach through microtexture and infrared spectroscopySRINIVASAN, N; KAIN, V; BIRBILIS, N; KUMAR, BS; GANDHI, MN; SIVAPRASAD, PV; CHAI, G; LODH, A; AHMEDABADI, PM; SAMAJDAR, I
2009Positron annihilation study of recrystallization behaviour in Zr2.5%Nb alloyMULKI, S; PUJARI, PK; SRIVASTAVA, D; SAMAJDAR, I; DEY, GK; HIWARKAR, VD; SHARMA, S
2003Precipitation stages in a 316L austenitic stainless steelWASNIK, DN; DEY, GK; KAIN, V; SAMAJDAR, I
2009Presence and absence of significant twinning: Effects on cold deformed microstructures of single phase Zircaloy 2SAHOO, SK; HIWARKAR, VD; MAJUMDAR, A; SAMAJDAR, I; PANT, P; DEY, GK; SRIVASTAV, D; TIWARI, R; BANERJEE, S
2014Quantifying the mesoscopic shear strains in plane strain compressed polycrystalline zirconiumKESKAR, N; MUKHERJEE, S; KRISHNA, KVM; SRIVASTAVA, D; DEY, GK; PANT, P; DOHERTY, RD; SAMAJDAR, I
2011Radiation-induced segregation in austenitic stainless steel type 304: Effect of high fraction of twin boundariesAHMEDABADI, P; KAIN, V; ARORA, K; SAMAJDAR, I; SHARMA, SC; RAVINDRA, S; BHAGWAT, P
2011Radiation-induced segregation in desensitized type 304 austenitic stainless steelAHMEDABADI, P; KAIN, V; ARORA, K; SAMAJDAR, I; SHARMA, SC; BHAGWAT, P
2005Relating microtexture and dynamic micro hardness in an extruded AA8090 alloy and AA8090-8 vol% SiCp compositeBAURI, R; PANCHOLI, V; SAMAJDAR, I; SURAPPA, MK
2017Relating Residual Stress and Substructural Evolution During Tensile Deformation of an Aluminum-Manganese AlloyLODH, A; TAK, TN; PRAKASH, A; GURUPRASAD, PJ; HUTCHINSON, C; SAMAJDAR, I
2008Relationship Between Pack Chemistry and Growth of Silicide Coatings on Mo-TZM AlloyMAJUMDAR, S; SHARMA, I; SAMAJDAR, I; BHARGAVA, P
2004Relative anisotropy of structures and ultrasound attenuation response between laboratory casting in permanent mould (vacuum induction melted) and casting processed through electroslag refiningSURESH, MR; KUMAR, MK; RAVINDRAN, P; SAMAJDAR, I; SINHA, PP; BALLAL, NB; RAO, PK
2003Relative effect(s) of texture and grain size on magnetic properties in a low silicon non-grain oriented electrical steelPREMKUMAR, R; SAMAJDAR, I; VISWANATHAN, NN; SINGAL, V; SESHADRI, V
2009Relative Stability of Deformed Cube in Warm and Hot Deformed AA6022: Possible Role of Strain-Induced Boundary MigrationRAVEENDRA, S; PARANJAPE, H; MISHRA, S; WEILAND, H; DOHERTY, RD; SAMAJDAR, I
2006Resistance to hydride formation in zirconium: An emerging possibilityKRISHNA, KVM; SAIN, A; SAMAJDAR, I; DEY, GK; SRIVASTAVA, D; NEOGY, S; TEWARI, R; BANERJEE, S
2002Resistance to sensitization and intergranular corrosion through extreme randomization of grain boundariesWASNIK, DN; KAIN, V; SAMAJDAR, I; VERLINDEN, B; DE, PK
1998Role of cold work and SiC reinforcements on the beta '/beta precipitation in Al-10 pct Mg alloyBHARGAVA, NRMR; SAMAJDAR, I; RANGANATHAN, S; SURAPPA, MK
2011The role of niobium carbide in radiation induced segregation behaviour of type 347 austenitic stainless steelAHMEDABADI, P; KAIN, V; GUPTA, M; SAMAJDAR, I; SHARMA, SC; BHAGWAT, P; CHOWDHURY, R