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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Kinetic studies on hydrogen reduction of MoO3 and morphological analysis of reduced Mo powderMAJUMDAR, S; SHARMA, IG; SAMAJDAR, I; BHARGAVA, P
2007Low silicon non-grain-oriented electrical steel: Linking magnetic properties with metallurgical factorsCHAUDHURY, A; KHATIRKAR, R; VISWANATHAN, NN; SINGAL, V; INGLE, A; JOSHI, S; SAMAJDAR, I
2012Magnetic Properties in Deformed Grain Oriented Electrical Steel: On the Role of Strain Hardening Exponent and Microstructural DevelopmentsSHEKHAWAT, SK; VADAVADAGI, B; HIWARKAR, VD; DUMBRE, J; INGLE, A; SURESH, KG; SAMAJDAR, I
2013Micromechanics of emergent patterns in plastic flowsBISWAS, S; GRANT, M; SAMAJDAR, I; HALDAR, A; SAIN, A
2008Microstructural and textural developments during Zircaloy-4 fuel tube fabricationKRISHNA, KVM; SAHOO, SK; SAMAJDAR, I; NEOGY, S; TEWARI, R; SRIVASTAVA, D; DEY, GK; DAS, GH; SAIBABA, N; BANARJEE, S
2007Microstructural characterization using orientation imaging microscopy of cellular Si/SiC ceramics synthesized by replication of Indian dicotyledonous plantsPANCHOLI, V; MALLICK, D; APPARAO, CH; SAMAJDAR, I; CHAKRABARTI, O P; MAITI, H S; MAJUMDAR, R
2013Microstructural Developments Through Marforming in a Ni-Ti-Fe Shape Memory AlloyBASU, R; JAIN, L; MAJI, BC; KRISHNAN, M; SAMAJDAR, I
2014Microstructural studies on Alloy 693HALDER, R; DUTTA, RS; SENGUPTA, P; SAMAJDAR, I; DEY, GK
2012Microstructure and compression behavior of chip consolidated magnesiumANILCHANDRA, AR; BASU, R; SAMAJDAR, I; SURAPPA, MK
2011Microstructure and microtextural studies of friction stir welded aluminium alloy 5052KUMBHAR, NT; SAHOO, SK; SAMAJDAR, I; DEY, GK; BHANUMURTHY, K
2009Microstructure evolution in three FCC materials during limited Dome height testMISHRA, S; PANT, P; NARASIMHAN, K; SAMAJDAR, I
2014Modeling of dynamic hysteresis for grain-oriented laminations using a viscosity-based modified dynamic Jiles-Atherton modelBAGHEL, APS; SHEKHAWAT, SK; KULKARNI, SV; SAMAJDAR, I
2000Nanocrystalline gallium nitride thin filmsPRESCHILLA, N; MAJOR, S; KUMAR, N; SAMAJDAR, I; SRINIVASA, RS
2012ND//< 111 > Recrystallization in Interstitial Free Steel: The Defining Role of Growth InhibitionKHATIRKAR, R; VADAVADAGI, B; HALDAR, A; SAMAJDAR, I
2008Novel laser surface treatment approach to suppress sensitisation in modified type 316(N) stainless steel weld metalPARVATHAVARTHINI, N; DAYAL, RK; KAUL, R; GANESH, P; KHARE, J; NATH, AK; MISHRA, SK; SAMAJDAR, I
2009A Novel Preweld Laser Surface Treatment for Enhanced Intergranular Corrosion Resistance of Austenitic Stainless Steel WeldmentsKAUL, R; PARVATHAVARTHINI, N; GANESH, P; MULKI, SV; SAMAJDAR, I; DAYAL, RK; KUKREJA, LM
2013On the role of residual strain in controlling sensitisation of twin-boundary engineered type 304 stainless steelAHMEDABADI, PM; KAIN, V; MURALIDHAR, KV; SAMAJDAR, I
2009On the widths of orientation gradient zones ajacent to grain boundariesMISHRA, SK; PANT, P; NARASIMHAN, K; ROLLETT, AD; SAMAJDAR, I
2012Orientation Dependent Recovery in Interstitial Free SteelKHATIRKAR, R; VADAVADAGI, B; SHEKHAWAT, SK; HALDAR, A; SAMAJDAR, I
2014Orientation sensitivity of focused ion beam damage in pure zirconium: direct experimental observations and molecular dynamics simulationsREVELLY, AK; SRINIVASAN, N; PANWAR, AS; KRISHNA, KVM; TEWARI, R; SRIVASTAVA, D; DEY, GK; SAMAJDAR, I
Showing results 52 to 71 of 102
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