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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Localized transformation of few-layered graphene producing graphitic shells with nanoparticle cores for catalytic applicationsROY, S; BAJPAI, R; KORATKAR, N; MISRA, DS
2011Mechanical properties of cellular solids produced from hollow stainless steel spheresROY, S; WANNER, A; BECK, T; STUDNITZKY, T; STEPHANI, G
1999Microphase-enhanced reactions: Simultaneous effects of ion coupling and counterion bindingHASNAT, B; ROY, S
2016A miniature physical simulator for pilgeringSINGH, J; MAHESH, S; ROY, S; KUMAR, G; SRIVASTAVA, D; DEY, GK; SAIBABA, N; SAMAJDAR, I
2006Motion of a random walker in a quenched power law correlated velocity fieldROY, S; DAS, D
2014Nano-scale NiSi and n-type silicon based Schottky barrier diode as a near infra-red detector for room temperature operationROY, S; MIDYA, K; DUTTAGUPTA, SP; RAMAKRISHNAN, D
2013NiO nanoparticles deposited on graphene platelets as a cost-effective counter electrode in a dye sensitized solar cellBAJPAI, R; ROY, S; KORATKAR, N; MISRA, DS
2017Observation of temperature effect on electrical properties of novel Au/Bi0.7Dy0.3FeO3/ZnO/p-Si thin film MIS capacitor for MEMS applicationsBHATIA, D; ROY, S; NAWAZ, S; MEENA, RS; PALKAR, VR
2016Parametric analysis of homogeneous and heterogeneous nucleation in subcritical CO2-mediated antisolvent crystallizationBACHCHHAV, SD; ROY, S; MUKHOPADHYAY, M
2012Plasma modified flexible bucky paper as an efficient counter electrode in dye sensitized solar cellsROY, S; BAJPAI, R; JENA, AK; KUMAR, P; KULSHRESTHA, N; MISRA, DS
1997Prediction of solubility of nonpolar gases in micellar solutions of ionic surfactantsROY, S; MEHRA, A; BHOWMICK, D
2017Pyridopyrimidinone Derivatives as DNAG-Quadruplex-Stabilizing Agents: Design, Synthesis and Biophysical StudiesMALHOTRA, R; RARHI, C; DIVESHKUMAR, KV; BOMMISETTI, P; PANY, SPP; ROY, S; PRADEEPKUMAR, PI; KUNDU, M
2017Role of In-Situ Generated CO2 Bubbles in Heterogeneous Nucleation of Solid Solutes in the Precipitation by Pressure Reduction of Gas-Expanded Liquid (PPRGEL) ProcessMONDAL, M; ROY, S; MUKHOPADHYAY, M
2016Room temperature electrical properties of Bi0.7Dy0.3FeO3 thin films deposited by PLD on ZnO films for potential applicationsBHATIA, D; ROY, S; NAWAZ, S; MEENA, RS; PALKAR, VR
2013Solar Photothermochemical Reaction and Supercritical CO2 Work up for a Fully Green Process of Preparation of Pure p-Nitrobenzyl BromideDINDA, M; CHAKRABORTY, S; SAMANTA, S; BHATT, C; MAITI, S; ROY, S; KADAM, Y; GHOSH, PK
2008Stabilizing the Elusive ortho-Quinone/Copper(I) Oxidation State Combination through pi/pi Interaction in an Isolated ComplexROY, S; SARKAR, B; BUBRIN, D; NIEMEYER, M; ZALIS, S; LAHIRI, GK; KAIM, W
2010Structural changes In Nickel Nanaorods encapsulated In Carbon Nanotubes By 200 KV electron irradiation In TEMKULSHRESTHA, N; HAZRA, KS; ROY, S; BAJPAI, R; MOHAPATRA, DR; MISRA, DS
2017Temperature dependence of work hardening in sparsely twinning zirconiumSINGH, J; MAHESH, S; ROY, S; KUMAR, G; SRIVASTAVA, D; DEY, GK; SAIBABA, N; SAMAJDAR, I
2016Universality in consolidation of colloidal gelsROY, S; TIRUMKUDULU, MS