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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Synthesis of covalently linked linear porphyrin triad and tetrad containing different porphyrin sub-unitsPUNIDHA, S; RAVIKANTH, M
2008Synthesis of Covalently Linked Unsymmetrical Porphyrin Pentads Containing Three Different Porphyrin SubunitsRAI, S; RAVIKANTH, M
2001Synthesis of dithiaporphyrin-based singlet-singlet energy transfer systemsKUMARESAN, D; AGARWAL, N; RAVIKANTH, M
2000Synthesis of energy donors appended dithiaporphyrin systemsRAVIKANTH, M; AGARWAL, N; KUMARESAN, D
2006Synthesis of functionalized thia analogues of phlorins and covalently linked phlorin-porphyrin dyadsGUPTA, I; FROHLICH, R; RAVIKANTH, M
2005Synthesis of functionalized unsymmetrical thiophene diols and their use in the synthesis of cis-21-monothia- and cis-21,23-dithiaporphyrin building blocks with two different functional groupsPUNIDHA, S; RAVIKANTH, M
2002Synthesis of meso-furyl porphyrinsGUPTA, ITI; RAVIKANTH, M
2003Synthesis of meso-furyl porphyrins with N4, N3S, N2S2 and N3O porphyrin coresGUPTA, ITI; RAVIKANTH, M
2011Synthesis of Mono-Functionalized Core-Modified Expanded Porphyrin Building Blocks and Covalently Linked Expanded Porphyrin DyadsPAREEK, Y; RAVIKANTH, M
2004Synthesis of mono meso-pyridyl 21,23-dithiaporphyrins and unsymmetrical non-covalent porphyrin dimersPUNIDHA, S; RAVIKANTH, M
2004Synthesis of N3S, N3O, N2S2, N2O2, N2SO and N2OS porphyrins with one meso-unsubstituted carbonPUNIDHA, S; AGARWAL, N; BURAI, R; RAVIKANTH, M
2002Synthesis of single strapped 21-thia tetraphenylporphyrin systemsBOOBALAN, P; GUPTA, I; RAVIKANTH, M
2011Synthesis of Sterically Crowded Polyarylated Boron-DipyrromethenesLAKSHMI, V; RAVIKANTH, M
2011Synthesis of Sterically Crowded Polyarylated Boron-DipyrromethenesLAKSHMI, V; RAVIKANTH, M
2008Synthesis of unsymmetrical porphyrin triad containing three different porphyrin subunits assembled by covalent and non-covalent interactionsPUNIDHA, S; RAI, S; RAVIKANTH, M
2004Synthesis of β-pyrrole and β-thiophene substituted 21,23-dithia and 21-monothiaporphyrinsAGARWAL, NEERAJ; RAVIKANTH, M
2011Synthesis, spectral and electrochemical properties of cyclotriphosphazene appended with six metalloporphyrinsRAO, MR; GHOSH, A; RAVIKANTH, M
2003Thiaporphyrins with one, two and four unsubstituted meso-carbons: Synthesis and functionalizationAGARWAL, N; HUNG, CH; RAVIKANTH, M
2007Tuning of redox and photophysical properties of porphyrins by successive introduction of one, two, three and four meso-furyl groupsSANTOSH, G; RAVIKANTH, M
2010Variable Interface Dipoles of Metallated Porphyrin Self-Assembled Monolayers for Metal-Gate Work Function Tuning in Advanced CMOS TechnologiesKHADERBAD, MA; ROY, U; YEDUKONDALU, M; RAJESH, M; RAVIKANTH, M; RAO, VR
Showing results 63 to 82 of 82
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