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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997The field experiments synchronous with ERS-1 and 2 tandem mission for the simulation of neotectonic movementRAO, KS; RAO, YS
2001Field experiments synchronous with SRTM flightsRAO, KS; RAO, YS; JAYANAND, D; PRITHVIRAJ, M
2015Framework for Fusion of Ascending and Descending Pass TanDEM-X Raw DEMsDEO, R; ROSSI, C; EINEDER, M; FRITZ, T; RAO, YS
1995Frequency dependence of polarization phase differenceRAO, KS; RAO, YS; WANG, JR
1993Frequency-dependence of polarization phase difference and polarization index for vegetation covered fields using polarimetric airsar dataRAO, KS; RAO, YS; GURUSAMY, R
2004Fusion of optical and microwave remote sensing data for snow cover mappingVENKATARAMAN, G; MAHATO, BC; RAVI, S; RAO, YS; MATHUR, P; SNEHMANI
2007Investigating Snow wetness using dual polarization advanced synthetic aperture radar imagery - art. no. 667717VENKATARAMAN, G; SINGH, G; KUMAR, V; MOHITE, K; RAO, YS
2017Local Contrast Based Adaptive SAR Speckle FilterSHITOLE, S; SHARMA, M; DE, S; BHATTACHARYA, A; RAO, YS; MOHAN, BK
2006Monitoring of flood in Gujarat region using AQUA AMSR-E derived surface soil moisture - art. no. 641208RAO, YS; SHARMA, S
1996Potential of SIR-C data to study vegetation over Gujarat test site, IndiaRAO, KS; RAO, YS; VENKATARATNAM, L; RAO, PVN
2010Real-Time Electrical Load Emulator Using Optimal Feedback Control TechniqueRAO, YS; CHANDORKAR, MC
2008Retrieval of Soil Moisture using SIR-C Polarimetric DataRAO, KS; RAO, YS; JASSAR, HKA
2009SAR interferometry and speckle tracking approach for glacier velocity estimation using ERS-1/2 AND TERRASAR-X spotlight high resolution dataKUMAR, V; VENKATARAMAN, G; RAO, YS
2004SAR interferometry for DEM generation and movemnet of Indian glaciersRAO, YS; VENKATARAMAN, G; RAO, KS; SNEHMANI
2015Selection of Suitable Window Size for Speckle Reduction and Deblurring using SOFM in Polarimetric SAR ImagesSHITOLE, S; DE, S; RAO, YS; MOHAN, BK; DAS, A
2007Snow grain size estimation in Himalayan snow covered region using advanced synthetic aperture radar data - art. no. 667718VENKATARAMAN, G; SINGH, G; KUMAR, V; MOHITE, K; RAO, YS
2007Snow porosity estimation using advanced synthetic aperture radar single look complex data analysis and its effects on backscattering coefficientSINGH, G; KUMAR, V; VENKATARAMAN, G; RAO, YS; MANI, S
2006Snow wetness estimation in Himalayan snow covered regions using ENVISAT-ASAR data - art. no. 641008SINGH, G; KUMAR, V; MOHITE, K; VENKATRAMAN, G; RAO, YS; SNEHMANI
2016Soil Moisture Estimation Using Hybrid Polarimetric SAR Data of RISAT-1PONNURANGAM, GG; JAGDHUBER, T; HAJNSEK, I; RAO, YS