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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000ULSI MOS transistors with jet vapour deposited (JVD) silicon nitride for the gate insulatorMAHAPATRA, S; MANJULARANI, KN; RAO, VR; VASI, J
2009An ultra-sensitive delta R/R measurement system for biochemical sensors using Piezoresistive Micro-CantileversNAG, S; KALE, NS; RAO, VR; SHARMA, DK
2014An ultra-sensitive piezoresistive polymer nano-composite microcantilever platform for humidity and soil moisture detectionPATIL, SJ; ADHIKARI, A; BAGHINI, MS; RAO, VR
2014An ultra-sensitive piezoresistive polymer nano-composite microcantilever sensor electronic nose platform for explosive vapor detectionPATIL, SJ; DURAGKAR, N; RAO, VR
2002Ultra-thin silicon nitride by hot wire chemical vapor deposition (HWCVD) for deep sub-micron CMOS technologiesWAGHMARE, PC; PATIL, SB; KUMBHAR, A; DUSANE, RO; RAO, VR
2009Understanding and Optimization of Hot-Carrier Reliability in Germanium-on-Silicon pMOSFETsMAJI, D; CRUPI, F; AMAT, E; SIMOEN, E; DE JAEGER, B; BRUNCO, DP; MANOJ, CR; RAO, VR; MAGNONE, P; GIUSI, G; PACE, C; PANTISANO, L; MITARD, J; RODRIGUEZ, R; NAFRIA, M
2004Understanding the NBTI degradation in halo-doped channel p-MOSFETsJHA, NK; RAO, VR
2016A Vapor Phase Self-Assembly of Porphyrin Monolayer as a Copper Diffusion Barrier for Back-End-of-Line CMOS TechnologiesNAIK, TR; SINGH, V; RAVIKANTH, M; RAO, VR
2010Variable Interface Dipoles of Metallated Porphyrin Self-Assembled Monolayers for Metal-Gate Work Function Tuning in Advanced CMOS TechnologiesKHADERBAD, MA; ROY, U; YEDUKONDALU, M; RAJESH, M; RAVIKANTH, M; RAO, VR
2013Vibtrational energy harvesting using photo-patternable piezoelectric nanocomposite cantileversPRASHANTHI, K; MIRIYALA, N; GAIKWAD, RD; MOUSSA, W; RAO, VR; THUNDAT, T
2017Zinc oxide nanorods functionalized paper for protein preconcentration in biodiagnosticsTIWARI, S; VINCHURKAR, M; RAO, VR; GARNIER, G
2013ZnO Nanowire Embedded Strain Sensing Cantilever: A New Ultra-Sensitive Technology PlatformRAY, P; RAO, VR